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We strive to expose young students and community members to traditional arts and provide them with the opportunity to dialogue with college students. Our student team addresses the importance of preserving culture, various areas of craft expertise, the traditional arts, and the work of Berea College. Primary and Secondary schools receive pre and post-visit materials from the Program Coordinator to maximize the learning experience.

Our services can provide a sampling of the topics addressed by the Kentucky Art Standards, which are required for public school art classes.

If your class or group is from Appalachia and is interested in learning about traditional arts, fill out the application below!

Duncan WWTA


Many of our students had not been exposed to the arts beyond a theory class. This experience brought real-world artisans in and they talked about heritage, skills, workmanship, products among other things It was easy to understand the introduction to the loom, and the molding of the clay into pottery was expertly demonstrated.. The speaker even brought in the selling of the products so that the presentation related specifically to our business classes as well.

– Teacher at South Laurel Co. High School in weaving and pottery workshop

The presenters let us go at our own pace and offered assistance when requested it at each step of the process. They made you fix your mistakes and work through issues with their guidance. They had the patience to explain the method to me until I understood how to accomplish the task.
– Berea College Student Participant in clay whistle workshop

The processes were demonstrated to children in an understandable fashion for their level, and it was both interesting and inspiring for the children to watch and learn.

– Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth & Families in weaving and pottery workshop

The facilitating student was patient and kind to the students. He appeared very helpful to them, and was a good teacher to the people watching as well. All the demonstrators were already quite skilled in their craft. It was neat to listen to them as they answered people’s questions and showed their skills. The students were also able to connect this demonstration to what they knew about the craft and also to articles we were reading for class at the time which referred to weaving and making pottery in ancient civilizations
My grade level kids really liked the potter’s wheel. A couple of my kids tried to explain how you did it step by step, and loved the entire process. They wondered if they had to go to college to learn to do these things!

– Waynesburg Elementary School in weaving and pottery workshop

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Workshops and Educational Experiences Offered

Educational Workshops: clay whistle making, pinch pot making, broom braiding, cardboard weaving.
Educational demonstrations: wheel-thrown pottery, broom making, basket weaving, weaving, and lathe woodturning.

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