Staff Liaison to the Berea College Board of Trustees

Role & Responsibilities

The Staff Liaison to the Board of Trustees serves to provide an avenue of official and regular communication between the Board and members of the College’s staff. The Staff Liaison is not a member of the Board and participation is at the invitation of the Board as it is for all Officers with the exception of the President who is a member. The Berea College Board of Trustees meets three times per year (October, January, and April).

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend meetings of the full Board and appropriate sub-committees
  • Attend receptions and social events during the Board meeting
  • Although not a member of the Board, the liaison is invited to participate with voice but not vote
  • Report regularly on Board meetings to the Staff Forum and General Faculty Assembly


The Staff Liaison must be a full-time employee of the College, either an exempt or nonexempt member of the staff, but not a College Faculty member. Staff members at the VP level are not eligible.


The Staff Liaison to the Board of Trustees is elected by the Staff Forum for a three-year term. The next term begins July 1, 2021 and ends June 30, 2024.

Previously Elected Liaisons

Aaron Beale              2015 – 2018

Kristin Dalessio       2018-2021

Heather Schill          2021-2024

Nominations & Selection Process

The Staff Forum Advisory Committee solicits nominations for candidates from College staff. Eligible staff members may nominate themselves for the position. Nominations should be forwarded to one of the Staff Forum Co-Chairs, who is responsible for assembling the ballot. The liaison is elected through popular vote via an electronic ballot distributed to all staff members by the Staff Forum Co-Chairs and by “paper ballot” during a meeting of the Staff Forum.

Nominations can also be made via an electronic form that will be activated a during the last year of service for the current staff liaison to the board in advance of the election. This form will include a brief call for nominations, eligibility criteria, an electronic nomination form, and the names of previously elected liaisons.

Staff Liaison Contact Form

To contact the current Staff Liaison to the Board of Trustees please use the following form: Let the Staff Liaison know about any thoughts, questions, or concerns you have that should be presented to the Board during one of their annual meetings.