Transfer Student Resources

Transfer Credit

Admitted transfer students should send official copies of transcripts from previous colleges or universities to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation.

  • General Education Requirements – the Office of the Registrar only evaluates transfer credit for General Education requirements.
  • Major Requirements – If you feel like previous coursework may count toward a major requirement, you should discuss it with your academic advisor. If your academic advisor supports the transfer of credit, you will then request permission from your intended major’s academic department chair via email and attach a copy of the course syllabus.

Contact the Office of the Registrar:

Lincoln Hall First Floor


Number of Terms at Berea College

Berea College expects all students to complete degree requirements within four academic years, or eight regular (Fall and Spring) terms. As a transfer student, you are not guaranteed eight terms of enrollment at Berea College if it is possible for you to complete degree requirements in fewer terms. When the Office of the Registrar evaluates your previous coursework, they will notify transfer students of:

  • how many terms they are charging you (based on the number of credits that transfer students have previously completed) and
  • how many terms you have to complete your Berea College education along with your expected graduation date.

Transfer students who, for good reason, are unable to complete degree requirements within their remaining terms should discuss it with their academic advisor. Academic Advisors may encourage students to complete an Extension of Terms Request.

Declaration of Major

All students, including transfer students, enter Berea College with an academic area of interest. Students officially declare their major in their fourth term of enrollment. Transfer students’ fourth term will vary depending on how many terms they were charged.

Students are encouraged to review their Degree Audit or Curriculum Guide for their major to see what classes are required to gain admission to their major.

  • Important: Nursing – To successfully complete the Nursing major, students who intend to explore or declare a major in Nursing need to begin to follow the 4-Year or 5-Year Nursing Curriculum Plan during their first term of attendance. Please contact the Nursing Department or the Office of Student Success & Transition if you have any questions about the Nursing Curriculum Plans.

First Term Course Selection & Schedule Changes

  • Course Schedule for the First Term – The Office of Academic Affairs will schedule all students, including transfer students, for courses during their first term at Berea College.
  • Changes to Your First Course Schedule – Transfer students should contact the Office of Student Success & Transition or their academic advisor to ask about making changes to their schedule before the beginning of the term.
  • GSTR 210 Required – All Berea College students, including transfer students, must take GSTR 210, even if they have taken an ENG 102 or Composition II course at another institution.
  • Math Placement Exam Required – All students, including transfer students, must complete the Math Placement Exam. If a student’s Math Placement Exam score indicates the student should take Developmental Math (MAT 010, 011, or 012), the student has to enroll in Developmental Math continuously and complete the required courses before the beginning of their third regular (Fall or Spring) term. You can find more information about the Developmental Math Requirement in the College Catalog.

Academic Advisor

Channing Francis, the Student Success Advisor in the Office of Student Success & Transition (SST), currently serves at the academic advisor for incoming transfer students. If you have questions about your course schedule, major or general education requirements, or your transition to Berea College, you can contact him by email.