Task and Time Management

Many of us equate time management with accomplishing everything you have on your schedule. Unfortunately, this leads to underestimating the amount of time it will take to achieve a given task.

You need to reserve chunks of time in your schedule for things like studying and work. However, failing to give yourself a realistic task to accomplish during that time will lead to inefficiency.

Anecdotally, students attribute their lack of task-management to feeling as though there is little time to socialize.

For our purposes, we define a task a an item/step in our overall process of accomplishing an academic goal.

How do you organize time by tasks? First, you must have a realistic understanding of how long it will take you to complete the assignment.

Some students find that writing a 10-page paper can be done in five hours if they are diligent, while others need more time to create their masterpiece.

If I’ve allotted myself an hour to complete my research and find that I finish early, I can get a head start on the next task. Even better, I could take a 15-minute break before starting my next task!

Separating your tasks will leave you feeling more accomplished than giving yourself a one-hour time frame with no direction. Without clear tasks to accomplish, your time may run out with you only having the first word of your introduction completed.

Designating the time that you will spend on a task has to be your top priority if you want to stop wasting time by managing it without a purpose.