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Welcome to Berea! We are delighted that you’ve decided to become a Mountaineer.

We all recognize that your transition to college may be challenging in ways that you have not anticipated. In order to help you navigate those challenges, we designed a program that prepares you for all aspects of your life at Berea College. We like to think of it as a bridge that carries you over the potentially rough waters of early college life.

Berea Bridge, then, is guided by simple but important goals. As a program, we seek to expose you to Berea courses and academic expectations to prepare you for a successful transition during their first semester. We aim to foster curiosity, critical questioning, intellectual agency, and a strong work ethic. We’ll help you gain greater self-awareness and recognize the needs of others by teaching you to collaborate across difference.

We also aim to assist you in your transition to Berea by providing you with tools to navigate the non-academic challenges of college life by supporting your physical and emotional wellness. Our hope is that the Bridge program will enable you to meet the College’s challenges with the determination and perseverance necessary for success.

At the heart of Bridge is an open invitation to let your natural curiosity guide your study, both inside and outside the classroom, and to then passionately pursue answers to your questions with tenacity, invention, and imagination. All of us at Bridge can’t wait to support your Berea journey.


Warm regards,
Dr. Sarah Adams
Director, Berea Bridge

Program Details

Program opens: June 27, 2020
Program ends: July 25, 2020

Bridge FAQs

Any admitted first-year student can place her/himself into the Bridge lottery for a space in the program.

The Bridge program opens on June 27, 2020 and concludes on July 25.

There is no cost to participants for Bridge.

Students will find out their labor positions on the first day of the Bridge program. They work in typical Berea College labor positions: on the College Farm, in College Crafts, in Recycling, as facilities assistants in the residence halls. All Bridge students work 6 hours per week during the program.

All Bridge students will take two interdisciplinary courses. One will be humanities/social science oriented and the other will be scientific/quantitative oriented. Each class will have 15 Bridge students.

Yes! If you successfully complete your Bridge classes, you will receive 1.0 credits toward your degree requirements.

Probably not. We randomly assign Bridge roommates for the duration of the program. All Bridge students move into other first-year rooms after the program ends.