On-Campus Resources

Draper building behind yellow tree

Admissions introduces students to the College and guides them through the application process.

Location: Office of Admissions, 209 Chestnut Street

Phone: 800-326-5948

Email: askadmissions@berea.edu

The bell hooks center is an inclusive space where historically underrepresented students, including but not limited to women, LGBTQPIA+, and sex and gender non-conforming students, can come to be as they are, outside of social scripts.

Location: Draper 106

Phone: 859-985-3217

Email: mosesk2@berea.edu

The Center provides services to support the recruitment, retention and graduation of Black students. The Black Cultural Center is a leader in achieving the college’s mission of interracial understanding.

Location: Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education, Alumni Building

Phone: 859-985-3795

Email:  gamblek@berea.edu

The Campus Christian Center (CCC) provides opportunities for: Worship, Prayer / Meditation, Devotional study of Christian scripture, and Interfaith conversation.

Location: Draper Building, Room 107

Phone: 859-985-3134

Email: douglask2@berea.edu

The Carter G. Woodson Center for Interracial Education at Berea College focuses our work on the interrelationship of race and poverty through coalition building. The Center’s goal is to build coalitions for anti-racism in the wider area of Central and Eastern Kentucky.

Location: Alumni Building – Main Floor

Phone: 859-985-3785

Email: klanderudj@berea.edu

The CTL includes the offices of Faculty Development, TA/tutor support and development services, & Writing Resources.

Location: Hutchins Library

Phone: 859-985-4964

Email: rebecca_wheat@berea.edu

In the Counseling Center, Licensed professional counselors assist students with difficulties in an unbiased and objective way. All professional counseling services are completely confidential. No one, including parents, relatives, friends, or college staff has access to any information about a student without their consent.

Location: Fairchild Hall, Room 100

Phone: 859-985-3212

Email:  sue_reimondo@berea.edu

Disability & Accessibility Services works toward making programs, services and activities accessible for all students.

Location: 111 Lincoln Hall

Phone: 859-985-3237

Email: lisa_ladanyi@berea.edu

The Espacio Cultural Latinx works to provide our Latinx community with a safe space where studies and enriching conversation can take place.

Location: Alumni Building 201

Phone: 859-985-3601

Email: jaimescostillaj@berea.edu

Financial Aid will help you find the answers about paying for your education at Berea College.

Location: 120 Lincoln Hall

Phone: 859-985-3310

Email: finaid@berea.edu

The Student Life team and the residence hall student staff seek to support the academic mission by creating and maintaining an environment conducive to good study habits. Questions related to residence halls, roommates, and moving in/moving out can be directed to Student Life.

Location: Woods-Penniman Building, Room 302

Phone: 859-985-3290

Email: housing@berea.edu

IS&S provides support and troubleshooting for laptops, account management, and other technical issues.

Location: Computer Center 246

Phone: 859-985-3343

Email: help_desk@berea.edu

The Appalachian Center fosters teaching & learning for all undergraduates regarding Appalachia through the lens of the eight great commitments and supports academic, career, and social success of students from Appalachian counties.

Location: Stephenson Hall 125

Phone: 859-985-3140

Email: heather_dent@berea.edu

The Office of Internships and Career Development assists students in finding internship programs and positions while also supporting career development.

Location: Stephenson Hall, room 308

Phone: 859-985-3656

Email: internships@berea.edu

The Registrar’s office maintains academic records on all students, manages registration and program degree audits, supervises declaration of majors and evaluates transfer credit.

Location: Lincoln Hall, first floor

Phone: 859-985-3185

Email: registrar@berea.edu

Berea College Public Safety  is the central point of contact for all matters related to the safety and health of the college community and all issues related to personal security and protection of property.

Location: Woods-Penniman Building, first floor

Phone: 859-985-3333

Email: public_safety@berea.edu

White House Clinic is the student health services provider at Berea College. Services provided by Student Health Services include:

  • acute care (sore throats, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.)
  • chronic care (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • screenings/health maintenance (pap smears, sports and other physicals, health education, and flu vaccinations,etc.)

White House Clinic collects required medical forms from students transitioning to Berea College, including their medical history, tuberculosis risk assessment, and immunization records.

Location: St. Joseph Berea Hospital through main entrance

Phone: 859-985-1415

Email: studenthealth@whitehouseclinics.com