Labor Program

“To provide for all students through the Labor Program experiences for learning and serving in the community and demonstrate that labor, mental and manual has dignity as well as utility.” – The 4th Great Commitment of Berea College

The Labor Program, a unique comprehensive Work-Learning-Service program, is an integral part of the Berea College experience for all students. Through the Labor Program, students are provided experiential learning opportunities that develop skills, responsibility, habits, and attitudes while also playing a critical role in the operation of the institution.

Labor assignments function very much like classes. Beginning at basic levels of work, students are expected to progress to more skilled and responsible levels. Through these experiences, it is expected that students will 1) develop good work habits and attitudes, 2) gain an understanding of personal interests, skills and limitations, and 3) exercise creativity, problem-solving and responsibility. Students may also learn the qualities of leadership, standard, setting, and effective supervision.

All first year students are placed in a labor position for their first academic (Fall/Spring Terms), often in areas emphasizing the greatest need. Many students are selected by departments for their first position based on their Labor Assignment Resume, which will be completed during the Online Orientation process.

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