Giving a Zoom Presentation

Presenting via zoom brings unique challenges, but you may also find unexpected perks. If you’re someone who typically experiences stage fright standing up in front of the class, presenting remotely may be a relief. Whether you’re excited or nervous to present, explore these suggestions for a more confident and engaging presentation.

1. Keep your slides simple

This rule is applicable to both in-person and remote presentations, but it’s especially important via Zoom. Use text sparingly and utilize pictures and videos that are easy to follow.

2. Share information separately

Use the chat function to share your slides or relevant link with your classmates and professor ahead of time, so you can ensure they’re able to follow along should their internet (or yours) lag. This will also make the Q&A portion more productive, because folks will have the ability to flip back to previous information independently.

3. Don’t forget to share your screen

If you’re nervous (or excited!) to get started, there’s a chance you’ll dive into the material before you think to share your screen. As soon as you are called on to present, go ahead and share your screen. If you have an introduction to give, go ahead and have the title slide pulled up and shared while you’re speaking.

4. Test your technology beforehand

Try Zooming with a friend or family member ahead of time to make sure that your technology is working properly. This also serves as a good chance for you to rehearse your presentation and see how it translates to the distance learning environment.

5. Dress like you’re presenting in person

It’s tempting to stay in your PJs all day when taking classes remotely but dressing up a bit more for your presentation demonstrates professionalism and will help you get in the right mindset.

6. Consider your background

Try to position yourself in an environment with minimal distractions. However, if you’re working from home with family or roommates around, this may not be a realistic goal. Luckily, there are plenty of Zoom backgrounds available to download for free.