Distance Learning Study Practices

How do you study while physically on campus versus distance learning? Which methods should you use while taking online classes?

Before you start to study, set aside some time to think through—and write or map out—the study strategies you typically use.

Use the following questions to assess your study habits. It’s not an extensive list but will get you started:

  • Do you take in-class notes and/or notes as you read?
  • By hand or on your computer?
  • When do you review your notes? How?
  • Do you make flashcards for new terms?
  • Do you meet with others to go over the material?
  • What time is typically your best study time?

Think about what study habits you want to implement while distance learning and which study habits you should replace with a better method. After going through the above questions, there might be other study practices that come to mind for you to consider, and it may even be helpful to look for additional resources.

Consider taking a study skills inventory to better understand your usual practices.

Once you are finished with the study skills inventory, you can check out our website for ways to improve time management, reading skills, and more. You can also meet with one of our Coordinators of Student Success if you want some extra support in developing new and better study practices and motivation to incorporate into a new study plan. After you’ve reflected on your study habits, determine what activities you will use in your new study plan.

Ask yourself, “What study strategies are no longer feasible for me given my new schedule or learning environment?

Then consider what practices are necessary for your success. Make a new list of study practices that reflects your current reality and priorities.