Create Task-Oriented Study Routines

It’s helpful to train your brain to associate certain places, practices, and objects as “school only,” allowing yourself to focus on particular tasks. Designating times to study in certain locations (e.g., 10:00am-11:00am | Kitchen), and consistently following that plan will help your brain form new habits.

It’s also helpful to take five or ten minutes to transition between subjects or tasks. Taking time to acclimate to the tasks at hand might feel silly or like a waste of time at first, but eventually, this ritual will help you get into the schoolwork mindset quickly. The important part is that you remain consistent in each study session.

It’s not enough to just block off time; you also need to fill that time with work that is focused and meaningful. The best way to make the most of your study time is to set goals (i.e., tasks) for each study block. Knowing what you want to accomplish before sitting down to study will save you valuable time by helping to narrow your focus, create realistic goals, and stay on task.

Task-Oriented Study Habits

  • Designate times to study.
  • Designate certain locations for studying.
  • Create a ritual to get acclimated to study times and places.
  • Set goals for each study time.

Learn more about realistic goal-setting from one of our own Academic Coaches, Marcus Epps. You can also set up a meeting with either Marcus Epps or Rosanna Willhite to receive one-on-one academic coaching.

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