Academic Advising

The relationship with your Academic Advisor is one of the most important you will have throughout your college career, and is central to achieving your educational goals. At Berea, Academic Advising is an intentional process focused on helping student engage in Berea’s many learning opportunities. Your advisor will be there to help you develop meaningful educational, professional, and personal goals, and outline a path for achieving those goals.

In your first year, your Academic Advisor will be your GSTR 110 instructor. This will allow you the opportunity to build a strong relationship with your advisor in your first term, and help them become more familiar with you and your work. At the end of your first year you will be asked to identify an “Exploratory Area of Interest”, the first step in the Major Declaration process, and will be assigned an advisor in that area for your second year.

Academic advising is a shared responsibility between all students, labor supervisors, staff, and faculty, and requires responsible participation of both advisors and advisees.

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