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    Berea City Council 2012 Elections – SGA Wants You Involved!

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    • Berea College, the Student Government Association (SGA), and the student body are key constituencies within the City of Berea. Currently there are 13 individuals campaigning for 8 open positions on Berea’s City Council for the election to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The City Council of Berea indisputably makes decisions that impact students, whether considering non-discrimination policies such as the Fairness Ordinance, supporting local crafts, farms, and businesses, or debating what goods can and cannot be sold within Berea. Berea College students comprise a large portion of the approximate 13,500 citizens in Berea. (When you factor in those of voting age and further narrow it to registered voters, the potential impact Berea students can have on local elections is self-evident.) (more…)

    SGA President & Vice President Monthly Update: September

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    • Greetings Students!

      As you all well know it has been a busy semester thus far, and SGA is up and running full gear. Just as President Roelofs is settling into his new role as College President, we are thrilled to be in this position to serve and represent students throughout the coming year. Below is a summary of our work in the month of September and our upcoming events and goals. (more…)

    SGA President’s Welcoming Remarks to Students – 2012-13 Opening Convocation

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    • Throughout our time here on earth, we are undoubtedly going to be faced with new beginnings. A “new beginning” implies that there is a shift or a change from what we were once accustomed to, and rarely is it easy for us to emotionally or spiritually accept or embrace these new beginnings at a quick pace, whether as an individual or a group. (more…)

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