Student Life Council

The Student Life Council (SLC) has original jurisdiction in cases involving weapons, and in cases deemed by the President or his designee as being of an emergency nature.  In the absence of an actual case, SLC will not issue interpretations of the Student Conduct Regulations.

During 2012-13 the Student Life Council (SLC) will review constitutions for new student organizations, monitor the progress of the new on-line version of the Pinnacle, receive judicial training along with all members of the Campus Conduct Hearing Board (CCHB), and discuss relevant policy questions brought before the Council by others under the provisions for its responsibility.  The SLC also receives judicial appeals from the CCHB and hears, in original jurisdiction, emergency cases and charges involving weapons.

Becky Grandgeorge (13) General Faculty Member (non-College Faculty)
Kevin Gardner (15) College Faculty Assembly Member
Lavoyed Hudgins (14) General Faculty Member (non-College Faculty)
Tracy Hodge (14) College Faculty Assembly Member
Gail Wolford Vice President for Labor and Student Life (ex officio)
Gabriella Bugge Student representative
Osvaldo Flores  SGA President or another elected officer designated by the SGA President