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Student Admissions and Academic Standing Committee (SAAS)

The Student Admissions and Academic Standing Committee monitors current policies and practices with regard to admission, scholarship, probation and suspension, and formulates policy recommendations for consideration by the Academic Program Council and other appropriate bodies. It offers admissions recommendations and stipulations to the Admissions Decision Team on marginally qualified new, transfer, and readmission applicants. The Committee serves in an advisory capacity to departments, administrative offices, committees, and faculty advisors on matters related to policies and programs that impact student success.

The Committee hears and renders decisions on (1) cases of alleged academic dishonesty; (2) grade appeals after they have been reviewed at the divisional level; (3) appeals from students on academic probation and/or under academic suspension; (4) appeals for denied requests for ninth and tenth terms of extension; (5) requests for additional terms beyond ten; (6) appeals of denied labor overloads (15-20 hours); and (7) requests to work more than twenty hours per week. The committee also assesses the impact of program curricular planning on timely and adequate progress toward students’ completion of their degrees.

In addition to its normal activities, this year SAAS will develop proposals to modify the grade appeal process, conditions for academic probation, and the composition of the committee.

Andrew Baskin (13), Division VI, College Faculty Member; Chairperson
Martin Veillette (13), Division I, College Faculty Member
Caryn Vazzana (15), College Faculty Member
Verlaine McDonald      (14), Division IV, College Faculty Member 
_____________ Dean of Enrollment and Academic Services (ex officio)
Curtis Sandberg Director of Academic Services (ex officio)
Samuel Hawes Student representative

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