Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee conducts continuous planning for institutional change based on the mission of the College, interpreted in light of opportunities and constraints created by changing internal and external circumstances.

During the 2011-12 academic year, Strategic Planning Council (SPC) members participated in the eight Enrollment Planning Work Groups.  This fall, the council has turned to the strategic questions outlined in Being and Becoming.  After reviewing both the 2006 questions and the 2011 revision, as well the college’s Implementation and Assessment plan, the SPC identified two questions to examine this year, beginning with #6 (formerly question #7): “How can Berea College support a reflective and effective learning and working community with sustainable workload expectations for its faculty, staff, and students?” During fall term, the SPC will review the work that was completed on this question prior to 2008, gather data, and identify the best steps for moving forward on question 6.  Later in the academic year, the council will begin a similar process with strategic question #2: “What population of students does Berea College seek to serve and how can the College best serve them?”  The SPC welcomes your input on both strategic questions.

Lyle Roelofs (14) Co-Chair
Verlaine McDonald (14) At-large, Co-Chair, College Faculty Member, EC Rep.
Vacant* (13) At-large, Past Co-Chair, College Faculty Member
Deborah Martin (15) At-large, College Faculty Member
Neil Douglas (14) At-large, College Faculty Member
Jacqui Greene (14) At-large, non-College Faculty Member
Judith Weckman (13) At-large, non-College Faculty Member
Abbie Buttle (15) At-large, non-College Faculty Member
Luke Hodson (15) At-large, non-College Faculty Member
Althea Webb (14) Appointed by Executive Council
Alan Mills (15) Appointed by Executive Council
Chad Berry (ex officio) Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty
Lyle Roelofs (ex officio) President, Co-Chair
Gail Wolford (ex officio) Vice President for Labor and Student Life
Maria Anastasiadou Student representative
Carl Craft  Student representative


*This position will remain vacant during 2012-2013.