Executive Council

In addition to its regular work of setting the agendas of faculty meetings, Executive Council is engaged with the following items: (1) a consideration of what recommendations or proposals, if any, should be brought to the General Faculty Assembly on the matter of faculty and staff representation on the Administrative Committee; 2) a review of the Staff Forum informed by a recent survey and analysis; (3) a consideration of aligning more closely the voting procedures regarding honorary degree candidates of the College Faculty Assembly and the Board of Trustees; and (4) a review of the expectations about faculty committee service with the objective of clarifying those expectations and insuring an equitable distribution of committee work among all eligible faculty members.

John Carlevale (14) At-large, Chair, General Faculty Member
Ed McCormack (13) At-large, Past Chair, General Faculty Member
Rob Foster (15) At-large, Chair-Elect, General Faculty Member
Wanda Burch (15) At-large, General Faculty Member (non-College Faculty)
Linda Strong-Leek (14) At-large, College Faculty Member
Aurelia Brandenburg (13) Staff Forum Co-Chair
Jim Butler Academic Program Council Chair
Mark Nigro Labor Program Council Chair
Tracy Hodge Student Life Council Chair
Beth Crachiolo Faculty Status Council Designee
Verlaine McDonald Strategic Planning Council Co-Chair
Lyle Roelofs President
Chad Berry Vice President-level designee
David Kretzmann Representative of Executive Committee of Student Government Association