Campus Environment Policy Committee

The Campus Environmental Policy Committee (CEPC) monitors the progress of Berea College toward ecological sustainability—the ability to meet current needs without degrading the natural systems and resources required to meet future needs—and recommends policies and actions that will promote progress toward ecological sustainability.

The Campus Environmental Policy Committee this year consists of Jim Strand, Mark Mahoney, Wendy Williams, Margarita Graetzer, Jordan Engel, Beverly Abney, Ivan Titaley, and Clint Patterson.  Clint is serving as the Chair.  The focus of the CEPC committee this term will be to provide recommendations to the draft Climate Action and Sustainability Plan, being developed by Brendle Group, in advance of the plan’s approval.  Diane Zekind, Derrick Singleton, and Steve Karcher will also be working closely with the committee, since they are key players in the updating of the plan.  Other agenda items the CEPC may address this year include “crime prevention through environmental design” strategies, environmental awareness, and ways to promote fitness and outdoor recreational opportunities.  CEPC meetings are scheduled for October 9th, November 6th, and December 4th.

Clint Patterson Chairperson
Wendy Williams (15) College Faculty Member
Mark Mahoney (14) College Faculty Member
Margarita Graetzer (13) College Faculty Member
Beverly Abney (14) General Faculty Member (non-College Faculty)
Jim Strand (14) General Faculty Member (non-College Faculty)
Steve Karcher Vice President for Operations and Sustainability (ex officio)
Jordan Engel Student representative
Ivan Titaley Student representative