Campus Conduct Hearing Board (CCHB)

The Campus Conduct Hearing Board (CCHB) has original jurisdiction for all suspendable nonacademic cases of student misconduct.

Campus Conduct Hearing Board   – Students must not be on any form of probation and they must have already completed or be willing to complete judicial training.

Becky Grandgeorge Student Life Council Representative
Steve Bolster (16), College Faculty Member
Janice Blythe (14), College Faculty Member
Billy Wooten (13), College Faculty Member
_____________ (13), College Faculty Member
Jose Pimienta-Bey (17), College Faculty Member
Mark Nigro (15), Staff Member (non-College Faculty)
Heather Schill (14), Staff Member (non-College Faculty)
Darlene Stocker (15), Staff Member (non-College Faculty)
 Ann Butwell (17), Staff Member (non-College Faculty)
Jamie Boggs (17), Staff Member (non-College Faculty)
Lara Armstrong Student Representative
Simeon Huff Student Representative
Elshaday Yilma Student Representative
Jonah Rector Student Representative

*This Hearing Board may also draw students from the Judicial-Board Student Chairs for hearings.