Academic Program Council

The Academic Program Council has comprehensive responsibility for the academic program, with specific responsibilities for curriculum planning, continual review of current programs, policy development, and general supervision of practices, requirements, and services affecting academic affairs.

This year the Academic Program Council will continue its regular work on curriculum change proposals, policy revisions, and other issues relating to the academic program. We will also be examining the following broader issues:

a) Scheduling parameters for courses

b) Re-designation of inter-disciplinary and cross-listed courses

c)  GST and GSTR commitments across both programs and the curriculum.

Jim Butler (14) Chairperson, Division V, College Faculty Member (continued from 2011-2012)
Mary Robert Garrett (15) Division I, College Faculty Member
Wayne Tolliver (14) Division II, College Faculty Member (continued from 2011-2012)
Margaret Dotson (15) Division III, College Faculty Member
Kennaria Brown (13) Division IV, College Faculty Member
Andrew Baskin (13) Division VI, College Faculty Member
Wanda Burch Director of Student Academic Records and Accounts (ex officio)
Scott Steele Dean of Curriculum and Student Learning (ex officio)
Chad Berry Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty (ex officio)
Harry Tsiagbe Student representative