Article VI: Student Judiciary

Section A- Composition
The Student Judiciary within the SGA consists of three appointed student positions confirmed by the Senate. Position 1 shall be nominated by the Speaker of the Senate, Position 2 shall be nominated by the Chair of the Board of Residents, and Position 3 shall be nominated by the SGA President. Once confirmed, a student shall hold the office until which time he/she is no longer enrolled, he/she leaves to study abroad for a full semester (this exception shall exclude Summer Term (s)), he/she resigns, or he/she is convicted of an impeachable offense. When a vacancy comes to one of the positions, the officer responsible for nominating the replacement shall be notified.  He/she should make every effort to ensure that the nominee is not of the same classification as the other two Judiciary members.  Nominees should be of at least Sophomore standing.

Section B- Leadership
The Judiciary shall elect a Chair and a Clerk from within its membership and other officers as deemed necessary.

Section C- Duties
The Student Judiciary Shall:

  1. Interpret this Constitution, bylaws, and legislation when in dispute. These matters can only be referred to the Student Judiciary when requested by both a Senator and a Representative to the Board of Residents, a Senator and the SGA President, the SGA President and a Representative to the Board of Residents, or by a majority vote of either house.
  2. Recognize that the SGA has empowered judicial boards to serve as separate judicial councils (i.e.
    Jboards) for the residence halls.
  3. Work in coordination with the Student Life Judicial Liaison(s) (and/or Judicial Board Coordinator or designate) in a team structure to develop the Jboard Member selection process.  This will likely involve team decision-making by the aforementioned parties in the qualifying, recruiting, election, appointment, training, and removal of Jboard Members. Prior to the start of this process, Student Life will screen applications by removing candidates that are ineligible.
  4. Serve as the Jboards Review Committee.  This committee will work in coordination with the Student Life Judicial Liaison(s) (and/or Judicial Board Coordinator or designate), Jboard Members, and Jboard Advisors to discuss Jboard-specific concerns such as consistency, process,
    trends, and ongoing training needs.
  5. Be willing to listen to student opinion regarding a variety of general campus policies, advising the SGA President and the administration on such matters.  The Judiciary will not entertain student appeals.