Article IX: SGA Summer Council and Article X:Referendum, Impeachment, Removal, and Probation

Article IX:  SGA Summer Council

Section A
The Senate, Board of Residents, and Student Judiciary shall not function during summer.  Power shall be vested in a Summer Council, which will serve approximately two-months, from the start of summer term classes until the last day of summer term classes. This body may work to develop proposals for consideration by the incoming Senate and Board of Residents, collaborate with campus groups to address problems or concerns that arise during the Summer Term, participate during new-student orientations, and encourage and sponsor campus events.

Section B
The Summer Council shall consist of available Senators or Representatives to the Board of Residents (that served during the previous Spring Term or will serve during the following Fall Term), two councilpersons from the summer hall(s), the Summer CAB chair (and other interested CAB officers), two off-campus students (selected from applicants by the Chair of the Summer Council and Summer CAB Chair) and the Vice President of Labor and Student life (or designate).  The incoming SGA President shall serve as the Chair of the Summer Council.  If he/she is unable to serve, he/she must nominate a candidate for the position of Summer Council Chair, which must be approved by the outgoing Senate.

Section C
The Summer Council shall:

  1. Allocate only those funds which the Senate and Board of Residents has approved for Summer Council Usage.
  2. Not have the power to amend this Constitution, alter any Bylaws or Standing Rules of Order, or enact any legislation.

Article X: Referendum, Impeachment, Removal, and Probation

Section A
Members of the Student Body may request a direct vote on legislation by submitting a petition to the Executive Vice-President; it must bear the signatures of at least 10% of the members of the SGA.

Section B

  1. Students elected to SGA positions, students appointed to fill vacancies in elected positions, and students appointed to the Student Judiciary may be impeached on the grounds of blatant malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, and/or misconduct.
  2. The Board of Residents shall have the sole power of impeachment.
  3. The Senate shall have the power to try all impeachments.  Conviction may be brought by a 2/3s majority.  Conviction by the Senate shall result in immediate removal from office and ineligibility to hold future SGA positions. Unless a member of the Student Judiciary is impeached, the Chair of the Student Judiciary will preside.

Section C

  1. A nomination for an appointed position may be withdrawn at any time leading up to the confirmation hearing, but only by the same person who made the nomination.
  2. After the confirmation point, however, no person can be removed from their position by any means other than impeachment and conviction.
  3. The only exception to this rule will be student appointees to outside bodies (such as faculty committees) and the positions of Vice-President of Finance and Public Relations Secretary.  These appointees will not be subject to the impeachment process, but will be subject to a separate removal process.  Removal will take a majority vote of the Senate and Board of Residents and approval of the President. Without the President’s approval, a 2/3rds vote of the Senate and Board of Residents will be necessary. Poor attendance, misconduct, and failure to perform one’s official functions will be grounds for removal from such positions, however, appointees must be given an advance warning that actions may be considered if behaviors are not changed.

Section D
The Senate may impose internal probation for any elected or appointed member of the SGA. Departmental labor probation may be imposed for any positions paid by the SGA budget, as outlined by the policies and procedures of the College Labor Program.  This will require approval of a majority of the Senate and the Vice-President of Labor and Student Life (or designate).