Article IV: Board of Residents

Section A- Composition
The SGA Board of Residents shall consist of one Representative from each Residence Hall/Unit who shall serve as a house council officer. One faculty member shall serve as an ex officio, voting member and a designate selected from residence life collegium shall serve as an ex officio, non-voting member.

Section B- Leadership
The Board of Residents shall elect a Chair and a Clerk from within its membership and other officers as deemed necessary.

Section C- Duties
The duties of the Board of Residents will be to:

  1. Meet regularly, no less than bi-weekly.
  2. Assist in all election procedures for the House Councils of Residence Halls/Units.
  3. Encourage and sponsor residential events that contribute to awareness, knowledge, and thought about contemporary issues.
  4. Make all legislation necessary and proper to residential governance.