The Ecovillage apartments are comfortable living spaces that provide education through living. Through programming, building design, and gardening, residents learn sustainable practices both indoors and out. Residents recycle and select projects from a menu of options which includes composting, carpooling, gardening, making green cleaning supplies, facilitating educational programs, and serving as a member of the Ecovillage Association. Social events include entire families and educational programs are planned for a variety of interests.

Passive solar design elements include southern orientation and windows, concrete floors for thermal mass, pop-out windows for stack ventilation (passive cooling), window overhangs for seasonal shading, additional daylighting through tube skylights, low-emissivity window glazing, and light colored roof and wall surfaces.

Other efficiency elements include energy-efficient appliances and fixtures, cabinets and countertops made from recycled materials, dual-flush (.8 or 1.6 gallon) toilets, front loading washers, outdoor clotheslines, and a waste water heat recovery system.

Solar Tube Daylighting Newer apartments are built with Structural Insulated Panels which give the walls an R-value of 23 and the ceilings an R-value of 38. Heating, cooling, and hot water demands are met using a ground source heat pump.