Rules and Regulations

General Facility Guidelines:

General Rules – The following guidelines apply to all facilities in the Seabury Center.

  1. All participants utilize the Seabury Center at their own risk.
  2. All participants must present their valid Berea College ID, Seabury membership card or guest pass.
  3. Proper athletic attire must be worn.
    1. Non-marking, closed-toed athletic shoes must be worn in appropriate activity areas
    2. Swimsuits must be worn in the pool – no street clothes or cut-offs are permitted but a clean shirt worn as a cover-up is allowed
    3. Shirts are required
    4. Eye guards are strongly recommended in racquetball courts
  4. Food and drink (other than water in enclosed containers) may not be consumed in activity areas (weight room/cardio area, gyms, Dance Studio).
  5. Sandals are not allowed in the weight room/cardio area or on the basketball courts.
  6. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed or carried within the facilities or prior to entering the facility.
  7. Tobacco products are not allowed.
  8. No pets, other than service animals, are permitted in the facility.
  9. Metal cleats are not allowed to be worn in the facility.
  10. Bicycles, roller blades, roller skates, and skateboards are not permitted in the facility.
  11. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted in the facility without being supervised by a legal guardian.
  12. The use of the facility is a privilege and participants are expected to be courteous and respect the rights of others.  Individuals and groups who engage in unacceptable or unsafe behavior may have their access revoked or modified and/or be subject to college disciplinary action.
  13. Informal recreation facilities are available on a first-come, first-serve basis with challenge and share usage rules applying when necessary.
  14. Personal audio devices with headphones are permitted.  Any audio device with external speakers is not allowed to be used in the facility.
  15. Advertisement is not allowed in the Seabury Center without permission of Seabury Center professional staff.
  16. All personal belongings should be secured while in the Seabury Center.  Some lockers are available in the weight room and track level, while other daily lockers are available in the locker rooms.
  17. Sports equipment is available for check-out with a valid Berea College ID or membership card.  Participants will be charged fees for late, damaged, or lost equipment.  Equipment must be returned the same day issued unless other arrangements are made and noted.
  18. The Seabury Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  19. The racquetball courts are not meant for use with outdoor equipment.  Only “inside” equipment will be permitted for use.

Weight Room/Cardio Area

  1. Participants are required to wear closed-toed athletic shoes and shirts that cover their back at all times.
  2. Food is not allowed.
  3. All equipment must be returned to appropriate storage locations after use.  Please re-rack your weights.
  4. Weight room equipment must remain in the weight room.
  5. Furniture and equipment from other areas may not be brought into the weight room.
  6. Weights are not to be leaned against the mirrors.
  7. Personal belongings should be secured in day lockers (locker rooms) or lockers in the weight room and not left in the activity areas or the cleaning table.
  8. Spotters are recommended.
  9. Participants shall use extreme caution in moving equipment and weight to avoid potential injury to themselves or others.
  10. Seabury Center staff will not provide exercise instruction, prescription or spotting to participants.
  11. All concerns and maintenance needs should be reported to the professional staff or the Service Desk staff.
  12. Weights are not to be dropped from above the waist.
  13. Control weight stacks downward.  Do not just drop the stack.
  14. Leave pins at each weight stack machine.
  15. Stereos or other external speaker devices are prohibited.
  16. Please be courteous of others waiting.  A 45-minute time limit is in place when using cardio machines.

Dance Studio

  1. Fitness equipment may not leave the Dance Studio.
  2. Permission is required by Seabury Center staff for activities other than those scheduled.
  3. Martial Arts weapons are prohibited.

Indoor Track

  1. The daily direction is clockwise on even days and counter-clockwise on odd days.
  2. Walkers use the inside lane.
  3. Runners should use the outside lane.
  4. Distance:
    1. Inside lane = 10 laps
    2. Middle lane = 9.5 laps
    3. Outside lane = 9 laps

Racquetball Courts

  1. Shoes or balls which mark the courts are prohibited.
  2. Racquet guards are recommended.
  3. Wrist guards are recommended.
  4. Protective eyewear is strongly recommended.
  5. Personal belongings should be secured in lockers.
  6. Members of the campus community or Seabury Center may reserve any racquetball court not in use for a class in advance by calling the Service Desk at x3420.  If a request comes in, the desk staff should mark the reservation on the weekly schedule sheet.  Any on-going reservations (weekly) need to be submitted through the reservation system.


  1. These spaces are to be used only for academics and approved meetings.
  2. Classrooms may be used as activity spaces when scheduled or approved by staff.