Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commision on Colleges – Fifth Year Interim Report

9. Program curriculum [FR 4.2]

Standard 9: The institution’s curriculum is directly related and appropriate to the purpose and goals of the institution and the diplomas, certificates, or degrees awarded. (Federal Requirement 4.2)

Status: In Compliance

Berea College awards the B.A. and the B.S. degrees, and it maintains a curriculum that is directly related and appropriate to these degrees and to the purpose and goals of the institution.  The Berea College 2010-2011 Catalog identifies the requirements for all majors and minors, and the Catalog describes all available courses.   Departments and the Academic Program Council (APC) are charged with curriculum oversight, and the College Faculty Assembly acts on all substantial curricular changes, including proposals for new courses as well as changes in the graduation requirements for a major or minor.

In addition, the College’s Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is responsible for strategic planning which is conducted visibly and with wide participation.  This allows all academic programs to align their own work with the College’s mission and strategic goals.

Supporting Documents and Evidence

  1. Berea College 2011-2012 Catalog and Student Handbook (Website)
    1. Degrees of Study
    2. Home Page, <>
    3. Programs of Study, <>
    4. Descriptions of Courses, <>
  2. Berea College Fall 2010 Faculty Manual, (Website) <>
    1. Academic Program Council
    2. College Faculty Assembly
    3. Strategic Planning Council
  3. Being and Becoming: The Strategic Plan for Berea College, Revised May 2011

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