Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commision on Colleges – Fifth Year Interim Report

1. Number of full‐time faculty [CR 2.8]

Standard 1:   The number of full-time faculty members is adequate to support the mission of the institution and to ensure the quality and integrity of its academic programs. (Core Requirement 2.8)

Status: In Compliance

Berea College has a long tradition of recruiting, hiring, and retaining an excellent faculty.   Most of the faculty members are full time and most have the terminal degree.  This has been the case for decades.  The number of tenure appointments over the last ten years ranges from 106 to 125, and the total number of full-time teaching faculty has ranged between 115 and 134.   During these years the student teacher ratio has ranged between 10:1 and 12:1.  Over the last ten years the percentage of the full-time faculty who hold the terminal degree has ranged between 88% and 91%.

Provided here is a detailed report that provides an analysis of the percentage of student credit hours taught by full-time and part-time faculty by each academic program including general education courses.  For purposes of this report, we have considered ALL credit-bearing courses.  We decided to include Developmental Math because although it does not count as a credit towards graduation, we do count it as a load credit for students.  We identify full-time faculty in accordance with the IPEDS definition plus full-time administrators who teach part-time and who are tenured or tenure track.  This definition inevitably excludes faculty who essentially function as full time.  For example, a couple of senior faculty members have decided to teach a reduced load.  They are tenured, have years of experience at Berea, but because their teaching load is not full time, we do not count them in this 2010-2011 analysis.  Using the definitions described above, 82% of all courses taught on Berea’s campus were taught by full-time faculty in Fall Term 2010 and 83% in Spring Term 2011.

Berea College’s commitment to excellence in teaching has led it to have an unwavering commitment to using full-time faculty and to maintaining a faculty size that allows robust interaction between faculty and students.

Supporting Documents and Evidence

  1. Berea College 2010-2011 Fact Book, Faculty Section
    1. Characteristics of Full-Time Faculty by Department/Program: Gender, Terminal Degree, and Tenure Status
  2. Student Credit Hours Taught During the Academic Year 2010-11 by Number of Full-Time Faculty Members by Major


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