Labor Transcript Request


Berea College issues labor transcripts free of charge to current and former students. Due to legal requirements, we do not accept telephone or e-mail requests for transcripts.

To request a printed labor transcript from Berea:

  • Please complete the Labor Transcript Request form linked below
  • Mail or fax the signed form to the address or fax number listed on the form.

Labor Transcript Request (PDF)

Students who attended Berea College in the Fall of 2010 or afterwards may also request a labor transcript online. This is done through the Parchment transcript service. This service charges fees for processing transcripts. It currently charges a non-refundable processing fee of $2.50 for each transcript ordered. It also charges  fees for mailing a printed copy (versus delivering the transcript electronically) and for other non-standard delivery methods. To request a labor transcript online, please use the link below.

Order Labor Transcript Online

NOTE: Students may have holds prohibiting release of their labor records. Labor transcripts are not released unless all holds are removed. Please contact the appropriate department(s) to resolve any such holds.

The booklet in the following link describes the Labor Transcript and may be useful to its recipients.

Labor Transcript Informational Pamphlet (PDF)