Training & Information Sessions

The Public Safety Department holds open sessions dealing with rape prevention and assertiveness training to interested College staff, students, and upon request to visiting members of service organizations and visiting high school programs. Public Safety teaches two or more Defensive Driving courses per year available to all students and staff. Informational programs are offered twice per year on basic security awareness for students. Residential Life full-time staff and student staff are given an orientation program on basic safety, security and fire procedures. Brochures are prepared and pamphlets are distributed annually by Student Life and College Health Services concerning sexual harassment and rape prevention.

Alcohol awareness and education is a primary training focus. Each freshman level course in Wellness includes sections on alcohol and drug education. All students must successfully complete a course in wellness.

Berea is largely a residential campus with most students living in residence halls. Students and professional staff members of the halls are trained in fire prevention. Meetings are held in halls to inform residents and provide timely warnings about particular safety or security issues in the hall. Regular reminders are given concerning such issues as locking room doors and not propping open outside doors, a violation for which there are consequences. Sexual harassment awareness training sessions are provided to students and staff of key departments.

The College does not recognize any off-campus student organizations for purposes of maintaining off-site meeting or living facilities. College organizations sponsoring an activity at an off-campus location must comply with the guidelines established for student organizations.