Timely Warning and Emergency Notifications

Safety and Timely Warning Notifications

When an incident occurs which may have a bearing on the present safety of the campus community, the College, within 24 hours of the first report of the incident, notifies members of the campus community. Information on the type of incident and threat is given, along with recommended prudent safety practices and procedures related to the incident. Information is sent directly to students, faculty and staff persons by use of the college email system and the E2 Campus Emergency Alert system.  Depending on the perceived needs at the time, the school may additionally choose to post written notices in residence halls, distribute information through the campus web site, post information in the Berea College Post Office or notify through appropriate media.

The community is urged to heed any advisories issued by the institution and work together in the joint effort to make the campus a safe place to live, work and learn. All accidents and injuries involving students, guests, or employees should be reported to Public Safety as soon as possible. Investigative reports at accident scenes are made to help in determining if a situation exists which could pose a threat of injury or illness to others. When the institution is aware of a potential hazard, its officials take appropriate steps to provide timely warning to members of the campus community. Any criminal activity occurring on campus must be reported to Public Safety. All reports are investigated. Students and staff, of course, have the option of reporting crime directly to the city police (859-624-4776) or 911 and to request police assistance at any time during an investigation.