Residence Hall Security and Keys

Keys & Locks

Under no circumstances is any student permitted to have duplicate keys made for any College lock.  Keys issued to students by the College are not to be transferred to individuals who are not authorized to possess the keys. Students are responsible for the loss or misuse of all keys issued to them.

Students may not replace, damage, tamper with or vandalize any College lock or security device. If your keys are missing, please report this to your hall staff or Student Life Team member for assistance.

Each resident is allowed three lockouts per academic year with no penalty. For any subsequent lockouts, the Student Life Team member may assess a $25.00 charge per lockout.

Many of our residence halls are on electronic access control, allowing their student ID to open their residence hall rooms.  If a student loses their student ID, this should be immediately reported to Public Safety, who can deactivate and issue a new card to the student.  Student ID’s should not be given to other students to grant them unauthorized access.

Key Policy

Berea College Key Policy 


Part of the responsibility of residents living in a residence hall community is to help safeguard the living environment. Because of this, residents are encouraged to keep their rooms locked at all times (even while they are in the room). Residents should report individuals who seem to be suspicious, tampering with locks, etc., to a staff member or to Public Safety (ext. 3333) right away. Doors are not to be propped open. Residents are advised to be particularly security minded during check-in/check-out, holiday breaks or whenever fewer residents are in the halls. Public Safety officers’ duties include securing building entrances and aiding in the resolution of disturbances.