Department of Public Safety

Parking Violations

Citation Offense     Current Charge Old Charge
​No Current Decal ​$15 (2nd or more $25) ​$15
​Unauthorized Area ​$25 ​$15
​Over Time Limit ​$20 ​$10
Improper Parking ​$20 ​$15
​On Sidewalk ​$20 ​$10
​Blocking Fire Lane ​$75 ​$50
​Parking On Grass ​$50 ​$15
​Blocking Road ​$50 ​$15
​Handicapped Parking ​$75 ​$50
​Restricted Space ​$25 ​$15
​Remove Parking Boot ​$50 ​$25



Fines and fees are payable at the Student Service Center or the Public Safety Office. Unpaid fines (student or staff ) will be processed through Accounting with late fees added. If you believe the citation was incorrectly issued, it may be appealed at Public Safety within five (5) business days. Appeals will be considered when a copy of the citation is attached to a written explanation of circumstances and mailed to the Citation Appeals Board at CPO 2184. The name and mailing address of the person making the appeal must be included for processing. Appeals can also be made through email (send to along with your name, mailing address, ticket number, vehicle license number and your appeal statement.

Need More Help?

Any questions concerning parking policies should be directed to the Office of Public Safety. Parking information given by friends or staff from other departments is sometimes incorrect and may cost you money! Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the regulations. Accepting a decal from Berea College authorizes us to deduct any unpaid permit fees, parking citations and related fines from the owner / operator’s student account or employee paycheck.

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