Berea College Transportation Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safe operation of Berea College owned, leased or rented vehicles, to ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers, and to minimize the physical damage to vehicles and reduction of third party claims against Berea College.

It is Berea College’s policy that all Berea College owned, leased or rented vehicles be operated in a safe and responsible manner.  All vehicle operators must posse a valid driver’s license and, if under the age of 26, have a current defensive driving and/or van driver card.  Only approved drivers shall operate any college owned, leased or rented vehicle.  Any approved driver found to be misusing any Berea College owned, leased or rented vehicle shall not be allowed to operate a vehicle until such time that the driver in question can gain re-approval.

Failure to comply with the procedures detailed in this policy may result in disciplinary action or termination of motor vehicle privileges.