Motor Vehicle Decals

Purchasing Decals

To purchase a decal please click on this link and fill out information.  When it ask for your college id this is referring to your B# with a capitalized B.  In order to pick up a decal all request will need to be done prior to coming in to the office and picking up your decal.  If you have any questions please fill free to contact us at 859-985-3333.

Decal Costs



Faculty / Staff

First Decal: $40
Additional: $15 each

Seabury Members

First Decal: $40
Additional: $15 each


Resident: $50
Town: $25
Additional: $15 each


All Decals: $40

ALL previous citations must be paid before a new Decal may be purchased.

Decals for Alternate Vehicles

When special circumstances exist, such as repairs to the vehicle you normally drive, you should notify Public Safety as soon as the alternate vehicle is brought on College property. Alternate vehicles used for more than three days require the purchase of an additional decal or a temporary permit, which is valid for up to one month.

Visitor Passes

Guests of the college community may obtain visitor passes at the Public Safety Office (first floor Woods Penn). Visitor passes are issued at no charge directly to the operator of the vehicle. vehicles parking on campus at any time without a properly displayed decal or pass are subject to citations.

Obtaining Decals

Need More Help?

Any questions concerning parking policies should be directed to the Office of Public Safety. Parking information given by friends or staff from other departments is sometimes incorrect and may cost you money! Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the regulations. Accepting a decal from Berea College authorizes us to deduct any unpaid permit fees, parking citations and related fines from the owner / operator’s student account or employee paycheck.

Berea College offers discounts for decals purchased for LEED certified vehicles, as well as parking privileges. For more information, click HERE.