Campus Security Authorities

The following positions are identified as Campus Security Authorities:

  • Vice President for Labor and Student Life
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Life
  • Associate Dean of Student Life and Student Life Area Coordinators
  • Faculty and staff advisors to clubs and organizations
  • Director, Black Cultural Center
  • Director, International Student Adviser, and Education Abroad Adviser of the Center for International Education
  • Athletics Director and Coaches for: Baseball, Women’s Softball, Women’s Golf, Volleyball, Women’s Track, Men’s Track, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Cross Country, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Country Dancers, Swimming, Dance Group, Cheerleading
  • Intramural Director and Athletic Trainers
  • Director, Seabury Center
  • Trio Program Director and Upward Bound Director
  • CELTS Staff
  • College Deans
  • Academic Services Director
  • Members of the Administrative Committee
  • Labor Supervisors
  • Associate Dean of Student Life


As a Student Life Staff Member, Athletic Coach, or Advisor to a student club or organization, under state and federal law you are identified as a Campus Security Authority and therefore have certain legal responsibility for reporting any crimes of which you become aware.

These laws (Kentucky’s Minger Act and the Federal Campus Security/Clery Act) contain requirements for all campuses regarding reporting of criminal activity within twenty-four hours.  All employees identified by legislation as Campus Security Authorities have responsibility and liability under the law to report incidents of crime.  In addition, the Department of Public Safety has responsibility for notifying the campus and the public through daily campus crime logs about all incidents on or around the campus.

Because of your position relative to our students you have been identified as one who might receive information about incidents of crime.  Included among reportable crimes are property crimes, crimes of violence, hate crimes, and drug and alcohol crimes, including underage consumption of alcohol.  Specific crimes which must be reported can be found on our Reportable Crimes page.

Your responsibility as a Campus Security Authority:

  • Report crime incidents to Public Safety (859-985-3333) as soon as you become aware of them even if you do not yet have complete or verified information.

The intent of the laws is to make sure the campus has timely (within 24 hours) notice of criminal activity that has taken place in the vicinity of where we all live, study, or work.  Reported information is included in the daily crime log and under certain circumstances given out in special alerts to the campus.  The names of the victims or perpetrators are not given out to the public as a matter of course.  What is most important for reporting purposes is the nature of the crime and possible implications for the safety of others.

  • Location of reportable crimes includes all campus-owned property and public property adjacent to college property (i.e. streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.).
  • Reports should be made by immediately contacting the Department of Public Safety by phone (ext. 3333 if on campus or 859-985-3333 if off campus) or coming to our office in Woods-Penn.

An Officer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take the report.  It is always helpful to instruct the person relaying the information to you to also report to Public Safety.

If you have any questions about your responsibilities as a Campus Security Authority, state and federal laws, or reportable crimes, please contact the Department of Public Safety.