Department of Public Safety

Emergency Phones & Call Boxes

The Dept. of Public safety maintains and monitors 8 call boxes placed in various locations on campus. Call boxes are easily located by the blue light on top of a pole. The call boxes can be used for emergency situations or information.

The boxes have a red emergency button or a yellow information button.  After the appropriate button is pushed, the blue light will start flashing and an automated message will play advising that your call for assistance has been sent. Shortly thereafter, the Dispatcher will confirm the receipt of the activation.  Push and hold the button to transmit your message and release the button to hear the Dispatcher’s reply.

If there is no reply to the Dispatcher after the call box has been activated, an Officer will be sent to check the area. The Dispatcher also has the capability to make the call box transmit so he/she can hear what is happening in the immediate area.

The location of the emergency call boxes:
The South Field/Lower Woods Penn Lower Seabury Lot
Lincoln Hall/Emery Building Ag Building
Evan’s Tennis Courts/Track Anna Smith Parking Lot
Eco Village/CDL Draper Building

In addition to the emergency call boxes, Public Safety also monitors 25 emergency phones across campus. These phones have a red emergency button on the front that automatically dials directly to the Dept. of Public Safety. The emergency phones are used like a regular speaker phone and will disconnect automatically once the call has been completed. These phones, like the emergency call boxes are easily located by the blue light on top. All phones are located in areas accessible by the public.

The location of the emergency phones:
Anna Smith porch Arc House porch
Bingham Hall main entrance Blue Ridge main entrance
Bruce-Trades side facing Edwards Commons House (Eco Village) main entrance
Dana Hall main entrance Danforth Hall main entrance
Doctors House porch Edwards Hall campus side
Elizabeth Rogers lobby Elizabeth Rogers back porch
Estill St. Complex Fairchild Hall front porch
James Hall front porch Kentucky Hall entrance facing Nursing Building
Knight House front porch Pearson Hall front porch
Phelps Stokes side facing Frost Prospect House (302) main entrance
Prospect House (304) main entrance Seabury Hall main entrance
Student Lot side towards FM Talcott Hall main entrance
Kettering Hall main entrance

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