Emergency Phones & Call Boxes

Public Safety’s new call box network, installed during the 2018-2019 Academic year, is made up of 24 call boxes placed in various locations on campus. Call boxes are easily located by the blue light on top of blue call box. The call boxes can be used for emergency situations or information or assistance requests.

All call boxes have an “Emergency” button and an “Assistance” button.  The “Assistance” button can be utilized for questions or assistance requests and does not activate the blue strobe light atop the call box.  The “Emergency” button does activate the strobe light for easy location by emergency responders.  The new call boxes act as open telephone lines for ease of communication.  The button does not need to be depressed to speak with our Dispatch office.

If there is no reply to the Dispatcher after the call box has been activated, an Officer will be sent to check the area. Many of the call boxes are equipped with cameras and additional lighting for increased safety in the area.

Call boxes are located in the following areas:

  • Child Development Lab/Eco Village
  • Eco Village Commons
  • Campus Drive at Bingham Hall
  • Draper and Hutchins Library Corner
  • Draper and Hall Sciences Building
  • Lincoln and Emery Corner
  • Phelps Stokes and Library Corner
  • Frost Building
  • Presser Hall Parking Lot
  • Student Lot (Front of Lot)
  • Student Lot (Second Section)
  • Between Anna Smith and Deep Green Residence Halls
  • James Parking Lot
  • Estill Street Parking Lot
  • Blue Ridge Hall
  • Kettering Circle
  • Lower Kettering
  • Fairchild Hall
  • Elizabeth Rogers Hall
  • Fee Glade
  • Seabury Center Breezeway
  • Union Church Sidewalk Towards Kettering
  • South Field/Motor Pool Lot
  • Kentucky Talcott/Student Crafts Way