How to Report a Crime

Criminal, threatening or suspicious activity, as well as injury or serious illness, should be reported promptly by calling Public Safety at 859-985-3333.  Officers have direct radio contact with Berea and Madison County emergency response personnel and can contact other agencies for assistance when conditions necessitate.

Public Safety is the central reporting and data management office for a criminal activity relating to the campus community.  Incident reports are entered into an electronic database and compiled by the department at the end of each calendar year for purposes of crime reporting.

If 911 is dialed in error, be sure to stay on the line and tell the operator that it is not an emergency.

911 is to be used only for a confirmed emergency situation which require immediate assistance of police, ambulance or fire personnel. 911 rings directly to the Madison County Emergency Response Center 24 hours a day.  An enhanced 911 system is also in operation in Berea and Madison County.  Please use discretion and dial 911 only in cases of true emergency.  If 911 is dialed in error, be sure to stay on the line and tell the operator that it is not an emergency.

Students and employees are notified by brochures, materials printed in the student handbook and email related to reporting crimes to campus Public Safety and to local law enforcement officials.

The Public Safety Director is the person responsible for the proper notification to State Fire Marshall’s Office for all fires and threats of fire.

All accidents and injuries involving students, guests, or employees should be reported to Public Safety as soon as possible. Investigative reports at accident scenes are made to help in determining if a situation exists which could pose a threat of injury or illness to others. When the institution is aware of a potential hazard, its officials take appropriate steps to provide timely warning to members of the campus community. Any criminal activity occurring on campus must be reported to Public Safety. All reports are investigated. Students and staff, of course, have the option of reporting crime directly to the city police (859-624-4776) or 911 and to request police assistance at any time during an investigation. The Berea Police Department is given an electronic copy of campus criminal activity reports.

Reports of incidents can be made via phone to Public Safety at (859)985-3333, email at, or through the LiveSafe App, which can be downloaded here for Iphone or here for Android.