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Access/Key Control Standard Operating Procedure

April 18, 2018








The purpose of the Key Control SOP is to establish reasonable personal security for members of the campus community and to assure the protection of people and property through the control of keys to residence halls, academic buildings, and other properties or secure areas.  The responsibility for implementing the Key Control SOP is with the Department of Public Safety.



Definition of Key Control Department

The Public Safety Department is responsible as the central campus point for the issuance and general control of all keys.  The basic issue/control document will be a Work Request from Public Safety.  Public Safety will verify the necessary authorization has been obtained before a Work Request is approved.

Personnel Authorized to Issue Keys
Issuance of a Grand Master key shall be authorized by the Director of Public Safety and the VP of the Division.  All other key requests may be authorized by the Security Systems Coordinator and/or Public Safety Team Leader.  Keys necessary to perform a job description, must be initially authorized by the person responsible for the affected control area or building before presenting a key request to the Director of Public Safety.  Appeals for denial of a key request will be presented to the VP of the Division.


Rules Regarding Issuance of Keys

Keys will be issued to members of the College community only (with exception to college rentals).  Persons receiving a key must be a Faculty or Staff member, student or have a lease with Berea College and must be present to pick up and sign for the key(s).  Keys needed for a temporary period will check out the key from the Keyper system at Public Safety for a limited period as defined by the issuer.

Students will only be issued keys to their assigned residence hall rooms.  Any other issuance of keys to students must be approved by the Divisional VP or their designee and must follow the same guidelines as a Faculty/Staff member.
Faculty/Staff members will be issued access consistent with their job responsibility, actual need, and with approval of the Divisional VP or designee.  Key Requests can be made by the Dept. Chair.

Any Key Request upon completion will result in the notification to responsible party of the order completion and will have a retention policy of 30 business days.  If the keys are not picked up within the 30 day window Public Safety reserves the right to store or destroy the requested key(s) and to apply charges for time and material used in the completion of the request.  After this window the requesting party may be required to resubmit their request.

Unnecessary Key requests will result in the destruction of the requested key(s) and the charging of material and labor to the responsible department if the request has already been fulfilled.

All keys are to be requested via email to
Deposit Policy for Keys

Any person who receives a key will typically not be required to provide a deposit, although the College reserves the right, at its discretion, to request a deposit which would be refunded when the key is returned.

Students – No deposit will be required for the key initially assigned for one’s residence hall room.  If a key is lost or stolen, the lock controlling access to the room must be changed to maintain the required security level.  The cost of this change will be billed to the responsible department, which may or may not be passed on to the responsible individual.
Staff: If a key is lost or stolen, the lock controlling access to the room must be changed to maintain the required security level. The cost of this change will be billed to the student/employee responsible department, which may or may not be passed on to the responsible individual.
Replacement keys will not be provided until restitution for the lost key is complete.  All costs can be found within the “Pricing Page”
Padlock, Peripheral and Personal Lock Policy

All padlocks affecting College property (whether written, electronically stored/produced, monetary or real) must be compatible with the authorized key control system.  All keys to these locks will be controlled per policy.  Keys to file cabinets, desk drawers, and personal lockers will remain the responsibility of the person in charge of the area, unless specifically restricted because of a special need.  The College retains the right to access these non-restricted access control areas and to examine the contents upon request.

Duplication of Keys

No key will be duplicated except by the express written consent, approval and control of the Department of Public Safety.  The unauthorized duplication of College keys so adversely affects the security of persons and property that violations of this rule are considered grounds for discipline, up to and including termination.

Numbering System for Keys

An identifying number will be stamped on each key.
Only one key for a specific door will be issued to any one person.  Assignment of multiple keys circumvents the system of individual key accountability.
Lost/Stolen Key(s)

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the Department of Public Safety immediately[BLD1] .[BLD2]
When a key is lost, the locks will be modified to render the current key inoperative.  The lock core will be replaced in the existing lock.
A new key will not be issued to the owner without the approval of the requesting Department Chair or Divisional VP and the Security Systems Coordinator. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

A record will be kept of all individuals who have replacement keys.  Any subsequent loss of an additional key will result in a replacement fee.  The individual will be considered for disciplinary action on the third loss of a key.  In addition to the fee for the third loss of a key. Subsequent losses will subject the individual to further disciplinary action up to, and including, termination for faculty/staff or expulsion for students.
Individuals who report keys as lost or stolen are required to file a formal report with Public Safety, even if the theft is resolved.  A new key will not be issued to anyone who was previously assigned a key to the same door unless an incident report, completed by the Department of Public Safety, is on file and all other guidelines are met.
In instances where the loss involves multiple college keys at the same time, the fines and discipline to the student/Faculty/Staff will be consistent with the loss of a single key.

Public Safety does not directly fine an individual for a lost or stolen key(s).  The department that requested the key(s) for the Faculty/Staff/Student will be responsible for any cost stemming from the lost/stolen key.  It is up to that department to determine how to attain reimbursement for those costs.
Termination, Retirement or Separation from the College

The College requires all keys to be returned to the College Department of Public Safety upon separation, termination, or retirement from the College.

The Faculty/Staff member’s/Student’s separation will not be complete until the key(s) assigned to them have been returned and written verification is generated by the Public Safety department on the clearance form.


Repair of Locks, Keys, or Door Hardware

All repairs or additions to any College locking device, key or door hardware will be controlled by the department of Public Safety and documented.  If a change to an access combination is made rendering the old key useless, the change must be noted and the Key Control records changed to reflect the new key code. No college property or area may be secured, except by a locking device authorized for that area and with an operating code compatible with the Campus key system.


Any person causing an unauthorized repair to a Campus lock or key is in violation of College rules and subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion.

Storage of Keys

All keys cut which are ready for issue will be stored in the Department of Public Safety.

The bulk of uncut key blanks will be secured by the Security Systems Coordinator.  The supply will be audited and compared to the keys ordered to ensure no unauthorized keys are issued or no blank keys are missing.

Control of Key Cores

The key core must be replaced on occasions when keys or locks are lost, stolen or damaged.  The Master Key System will strive to include adequate additional codes for each floor of a building or residence hall to maintain system integrity.

Information Brochure

The Department of Public Safety will publish and provide a brief information sheet regarding the Key Control Program for all new employees and students.  The brochure will encourage individual responsibility in the security of keys and locks.  A signed receipt/acknowledgement of having read the information will be required during orientation for Faculty/Staff or check-in for students.

Key Control Database

The Department of Public Safety will maintain the Key Control Database.  The Key Control Database will be a centralized, protected, efficient system for recording, storing and accessing key control data.  Key Control Data are all data relevant to:  key issuance, key replacement/collection, specific locations, specific key holders, hardware maintenance, etc.  The Key Control Database will consist of two distinct components:

Hardcopy   (Paper/Card) Files


The Key Control Work Order Form (Appendix #2), as either a stand-alone document or the basis for data entry, will be part of the Hardcopy File.  The other part or the File is made up of reports generated by the computerized database.  Individual reports (covered below) should be generated on a regular basis to be used as tracking and auditing tools.

Computerized Database


A computerized database is a system which makes data storage and retrieval more compact and efficient.  Computerized databases allow for rapid generation of reports such as the following:
Location Report by Key
Keyholder Report by Key
Key Report by Location
Key Report by Keyholder
Name Check Report
Keyholder List
Location List
Key List
Key Authorization

Student Life Office Responsibility for Key Control

Because of the volume of keys to be distributed to residential students at the beginning of the Fall Semester, Residential Life personnel will assist in the key distribution process by the following action:



Student Life will issue room keys to students. Before a key is issued, the student must sign for the key on the Room Condition Inventory Form.

Student Life maintains a list of keys and the individuals to which they are assigned. At the close of Spring term and the beginning of Fall term, all keys are audited. If a key(s) is/are determined to be missing, a report will be made to Public Safety and the appropriate requests will be made to re-core the affected lock(s). At the end of the academic year or in the event of graduations, withdrawals, etc., each student returns their key to hall staff upon checkout.
When a key is lost or not returned upon the end of Spring Semester or after a room change, the student will be charged per this procedure.  Lack of payment may impact the issuance of grades.
If a key is reported lost and later is found Student Life may cancel the re-core request if it has not already been fulfilled.  However, a cancellation charge will be applied to cover expenses incurred by Public Safety.

Each student staff member will be issued a key to their respective staff office and supply closet. Student Life Team Members are issued a master key as well as keys to their apartment, office, office file room and other areas as needed.
Keys are maintained in a locked box in each residence hall staff office. The staff office is to insure the key box remains locked at all times. The office will remain locked unless in use by a staff member. Enough keys will be maintained for each resident.
Student Life will maintain and audit the Room Condition Inventory forms to ensure the accuracy of each form for every student in the Residence Hall.
Failure to follow these guidelines could result in disciplinary action at the discretion of the Dean and Associate Dean of Student Life.

Mechanical/Network, and Computer Room Keys

All mechanical/network room keys will be issued only to authorized personnel of FM, IS&S or Public Safety.  Mechanical/network rooms will be operated on a common key core. All computer room keys will be issued only to authorized personnel of IS&S.  Computer rooms will be operated on a common key core.

Key Issuance to Outside Contractors

Repairs of campus facilities which require a contractor to be issued a key to any campus area must be approved by the department of Public Safety.  The contractor will be issued a key from Public Safety utilizing the Keyper system.  The key will be returned immediately after work is completed.  A release must be signed by the contractor to deduct funds from his fee if the key is lost and an area must be rekeyed.  All outside contractor’s requiring a key must also have the key use authorization signed by the Team Leader of the Trade the contractor is working with and provided to Public Safety.  The Keyper system will track and report the time the key is in possession of the contractor.  The Keyper system will provide an automated alarm notification to Public Safety and the approver of the issuance of the key if the key remains checked out past the prescribed timeframe.  If a key is lost or failed to be returned the contractor will be held responsible for all charges stemming from the lost or unreturned key.  Public Safety reserves the right to charge a deposit fee for the use of the key that will be returned once the key has been checked back into Public Safety.

Temporary Key Issuance to Students, Staff, or Faculty

Certain situations (class schedule, work schedule, etc.) could necessitate students or staff members to need access to a building or building area afterhours, or for a prescribed period of time, though they may not normally work in the building or require routine access to a specific area.  Examples could be faculty allowing a student access to a laboratory, recital room, or even their own office; or a faculty member teaching in a room not in their traditional building.  In such instances, the person needing temporary possession of a key will gain approval of it per Section 1.3 of this SOP and then obtain it from the Keyper system located at Public Safety.   The Keyper system will track and report the time the key is in possession of the person.  Once a key(s) is/are checked-out from the Keyper System, the individual checking out the key accepts full responsibility for a lost or stolen key(s), unless otherwise noted by the Public Safety Key Log Book.

Issuance of Keys for Work Assignments


Only Labor Supervisors retain the authority to request keys for a Student’s work assignment.  Public Safety retains the ability to approve or deny any keys requested.

Students will only be allowed retrieve their keys from Public Safety, Labor Supervisors will not be allowed to pick up the keys for their students or designate someone to do so.

Once a Student’s Labor Position ends the student is to return any keys back into Public Safety before their clearance card can be signed.

Students will not be permitted to keep their keys over the Summer Terms unless that student is working in that area during the course of the summer.

It is the responsibility of the Labor Supervisor to ensure that all keys have been turned back into Public Safety at the conclusion of a Student’s Labor Position or prior to leaving for the summer, whichever comes first.

Any keys not returned will be treated as lost or stolen and will follow the guidelines outlined in Section 1.8 of this document.


Unlock Procedures


On Duty Officers and Team Leaders of the department of Public Safety will be tasked with the responsibility of performing unlocks for departments and individuals.

Public Safety requires unlock requests made for any academic building or area for any students, non-affiliates of the college or individuals without prior access to the building/area be made by Faculty/Staff with the appropriate access levels to the area  via email to before the unlock can be fulfilled.
Any unlock request for a Residence Hall or Room can be made by the resident of the room.  However, it is the responsibility of the student to attempt to contact a member of Hall Staff for an unlock before contacting Public Safety.  Before any unlock is dispatched to an officer or fulfilled by office staff; the responding dispatcher must verify that the student requesting the unlock is a resident of the requested Hall and/or Room.
Public Safety reserves the right to deny an unlock if sufficient information cannot be found or provided that suggest the requesting individual has access to the area being requested to be unlocked.
Students are allowed three unlocks a semester at no charge to the student.  Once a student passes the three unlock threshold that student becomes subject to being charged for every additional unlock.  The price of the unlock can be found within the “Pricing Page”.

Access Control Procedures


Definition of Access Control Department

The department of Public Safety is responsible as the central campus point for the issuance and general control of Identification Badges and Access Levels.  The basic issue/control will be handled by Public Safety.

Personnel Authorized to Issue ID Badges

Initial issuance of ID Badges is to be authorized only by Staff of the department of Public Safety.  Any issuance hence can be performed by staff or students of Public Safety for instance such as but not limited to Lost/Stolen ID’s and broken ID’s.

Rules Regarding Issuance of ID Badges

ID badges will only be issued to members of the Berea College community only with exceptions being made for Contractors and Business that are affiliated with Berea College.


Faculty/Staff and Students will be issued their first ID badge at no charge to the individual.  Any subsequent badges will result in a $15 charge for every badge issued thereafter and must be paid for upfront or charged to an account before a new badge can be issued (unless defective or deemed otherwise).

Access levels must be requested by either the Divisional VP, Department Chair or Student Life Team Member.

All access will be requested via email to
Numbering System for ID’s
Every Berea College will have a unique identification number that will be specific only to that badge.  This is for both security and system functionality of the on campus Access Control System.


Lost/Stolen ID’s


Lost/Stolen ID’s are required to be reported to Public Safety as soon as they are found to be lost or stolen for deactivation to prevent malicious use of the lost or stolen ID.

When an ID is lost the ID is to be deactivated immediately upon notification of the ID being lost or stolen.

New ID’s will not be issued without payment beforehand to cover the cost of the new ID (unless special circumstance apply and will be at the discretion of the office staff on duty at the time.  The cost can be found within the “Pricing Page”).

Defective ID’s

ID’s that are broken or no longer function will be replaced at no cost to the individual so long as their current ID is turned into Public Safety for disposal and the badge is deemed to be defective.  If the card is damaged and the damage exceeds what is in line with normal use will result in a charge as out lined in the “Pricing Page” for a replacement card.   Failure to turn in the Defective ID could result in the denial of a new ID being processed or a fee being applied to cover the cost of the new ID card.

Termination, Retirement or separation from the College

It is the responsibility of Divisional VP, Department Chair, Human Resources or Student Life to inform the department of Public Safety when a Faculty/Staff member or Student is Terminated, Retiring, Withdrawing, Suspended or Expelled from the College.  Failure to do so compromises the safety of the campus and could result in disciplinary action.

Control/Maintenance of Access Control System

The department of Public safety is tasked with the responsibility of controlling and maintaining the Access Control System central to the Berea College Campus.  Any other locks such as offline locksets will be maintained by Public Safety but it will be the responsibility of the overseeing department to control/program the locksets.

Student Life Office Responsibility of Access Control

The Student Life Office will be tasked with the following responsibilities in relation to Access Control


Public Safety will be responsible for assigning access levels for students for the upcoming Academic Year at the completion of the current Spring Term and prior to the beginning of the next Fall Term.

Student Life is responsible for assigning/modifying all access levels during the Fall or Spring Term.

Student Life is to maintain a list of current room assignments for all students and be transparent with that information with the department of Public Safety.
Temporary ID Issuance

Temporary/Visitor ID’s can be obtained through the department of Public Safety.  These ID’s are reserved for individuals/companies that have no relation to the college but require access to the campus.  The individual/company is to provide substantial need of access upon the request of a Berea College ID and are subject to a fee to cover the cost of producing the ID.

Issuance of Access for Work Assignments
Only Labor Supervisors retain the authority to request Access for a Student’s work assignment.  Public Safety retains the ability to approve or deny any Access requested.

A student will only be given access for the duration of the current school year through setting Active/Deactivate Dates.

If a Student leaves their work assignment before the conclusion of the current school year, it is the responsibility of the Labor Supervisor to report their departure to Public Safety for removal of their Access Level.


Access Levels and Building Unlock/Lock Times

The creation/modification of Access Levels, Timezones, Reader Unlock/Locked times and Reader Access Modes is the responsibility of the Security Systems Coordinator or the positions designee.  Sufficient reasoning for the creation or modification of the aforementioned must be submitted to the department of Public Safety via email and must be at the request of the Divisional VP, Department Chair or Building Manager.

Summer Programs
Rules Regarding Issuance of Summer Keys

Keys for Summer Programs will be issued on a temporary basis and will only be issued for the respective residence halls in which the program is being housed.  Keys will not be issued to a Summer Program that will grant access to Academic, Executive or any other area that is not a Residence Hall.


Keys will only be checked out to the Program Director/Lead of the program in the presence of both a Student-Life Team Member and the Security Systems Coordinator.

Any keys checked out will be documented and signed for by the Program Director/Lead as well as the Student-Life Team Member and Security Systems Coordinator that are present.

Only keys necessary to the function of the program will be issued, no other keys will be issued unless deemed otherwise by the Security Systems Coordinator

It is the responsibility of the Program Directory/Lead to distribute the keys that have been checked-out to their program attendees.

The Program Director/Lead accepts all responsibility for the keys in which they are being issued as well as any charges that may stem from a Lost/Stolen Key.

The Summer Program agrees to follow guidelines outlined in Section 1.8.

At the programs end, all keys will be audited by a Student-Life Team Member and Security Systems Coordinator.  If any keys are found to be missing it is the responsibility of the Student-Life Team Member to contact Conferences Services who will then be responsible for charging the program accordingly.

Rules Regarding Issuance of Summer ID Badges

Cards for Summer Programs will be issued on a temporary basis.  New ID’s will not be made for any specific program unless not enough existing ID’s are available or a card is deemed to be defective.


It is the responsibility of Student-Life and Conference Services to work together to provide Summer Programs with ID Access.

Conference Services accepts responsibility for providing both Student-Life and Public Safety with a Summer Programs Roster and Room Assignments.

Student-Life accepts responsibility for assigning the necessary Access Levels for the Summer Programs with the proper Activate and Deactivate dates on the Access Level.

It is the responsibility of Conference Services and Student-Life to audit the ID cards at a Program’s end and notifying Public Safety when an ID is lost so that proper actions can be taken per Section 2.5.2.

The Program Director/Lead is responsible for distributing ID cards to their attendees for the duration of the program.

The Summer Program agrees to follow guidelines outlined in Section 2.5.

Conference Services accepts responsibility for charging Summer Programs when an ID is being replaced due to the ID being lost or stolen

The Summer Program accepts all responsibility for cards that are issued to them and charges stemming from a Lost/Stolen ID card.

It is the responsibility of Conference Services and Student-Life to store the ID Badges in a locked secure location during the Summer Term unless currently checked out to a program.  At the completion of the Summer Term the ID Badges will be turned into Public Safety for storing until the beginning of the next Summer Term.


Definitions Page



Public Safety Director:

Lavoyed Hudgins

Security Systems Coordinator:

Brandon Denning

SSC Backup:

Shamekia Hampton

Carissa Cummins

Public Safety Team Leader:

Brad Cole

Eric Davis
Student Life Director:

Channell Barbour


Access Control:

Access control systems perform authorization identification, authentication, access approval, and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys (ID Badges).

Keyper system:

An electronic Key Box that houses keys for areas throughout campus with the functionality to check out and track keys through the use of electronic identification.  Access to this key box must be requested by a department governing authority.


A small piece of shaped metal with incisions cut to fit the wards of a particular lock, and is inserted into a lock and turned to unlock or lock a door/padlock.


Mag-Stripe (Swipe)/Proximity Cards

A Mag-Stripe (Swipe) card refers to a plastic card with a magnetic strip printed on it that is encoded to work a card reader that requires you to slide the card through it.  Proximity refers to a plastic card/fob with the ability to activate a card reader by being touched or placed in close proximity to the reader.
Pricing Page



Access Control Identification Card – $15.00 card

Residential Keys – $50.00 (Student Life reserves the right to charge more if the cost exceeds that of a standard re-core.


Re-core Cancellation Charge – $15.00

Non-Residential Keys – Based on the scope of work required to maintain security and the current market price of materials at the time of the re-core.

Public Safety Unlock – $25.00 per unlock




List of all individuals who can request Key/Door related work orders.

Key Control Program Work Order Form.

Access/Door Work Order Form.

Form to document Agreement to Withhold Funds from Final Paycheck if keys are not returned upon separation from College.


Individuals who may authorize a key or card for specific areas:
Any Faculty/Staff member employed by Berea College with restrictions:


Individuals cannot request a key for themselves unless holding an administrative position on campus.

Individuals can only request keys for individuals that they preside over and students when necessary.
Individuals cannot request keys outside of their department/area without prior authorization from the department/area in which they are requesting access.









Blank authorization cards maintained at the Public Safety department

Faculty or staff member signs the agreement at the time of receipt of key.

Agreement in lieu of deposit form.












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PRINTED NAME                                                           SIGNATURE




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PUBLIC SAFETY STAFF INITIAL                                     DATE





[BLD2]See 1.8.5, removed wording as it was reoccurring in 1.8.5