Summer Research is a distinctive prospect in that students have the opportunity to learn how to use specific equipment (like an EEG device). It is a wonderful learning opportunity to become familiar with all of the aspects of empirical research, which will serve you well in classes here and graduate school later on. Another benefit is you get to know your professors very well, and in turn, they get to know you too!

PSY 424, or senior research, is a unique opportunity that most undergraduates do not have, due to the fact that it’s not a required part of curriculum. This class requires students to carry out a research project from start to finish, as well as present it in front of your peers (and perhaps conferences, if all goes well). Senior research gives Berea College psychology majors an edge that’s unique in the world of undergraduate studies.


Being a TA in this department is an invaluable experience. Psychology TA’s have a significant amount of work in the department, they are encouraged to sit in on classes, sometimes they lead a class discussion, make quizzes and assignments, and grade them. It is a truly invaluable experience to work here, students learn a great deal.

Being an office assistant is an amazing job! The office is full of surprises, (granted it isn’t as exciting as jumping out of airplanes) but being an office assistant is rewarding. One of the duties is to write the monthly newsletter, The InΨder, that details not only news within the department, but also research right off the press, internships that are available, graduate school tips, along with fun facts about history. More duties include keeping the offices clean, organized, and prepared for whatever activity arises.


Not only do students go to present their own research at conferences, but classes are also offered (sometimes) where students go to conference to hear renowned psychologists speak. Past conferences that psychology majors have attended were Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS) and South-Eastern Psychological Association (SEPA). These conferences provide a wonderful opportunity to network and get to know professors from other universities. These conferences also offer programs that discuss getting into graduate school, taking the GRE’s and future planning.