Peace and Social Justice Studies Program


Requirements (5 courses)

Core Courses

  • PSJ 100, Foundations of Peace and Social Justice or PSJ/COM 1XX, Conflict and Mediation
  • PSJ 205, Peace and Social Justice: Theories and Practices

PSJ Distribution Courses: 3 elective courses, one from each of the three different categories

Building Peace

  • COM 206 Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 207 Intercultural Communication
  • COM 305 Interracial Communication
  • PSJ 305 Conflict Transformation
  • PSC 250 International Relations
  • PSC 351 International Organizations
  • PSC 355 Foreign Policy Analysis (US)
  • PSJ, SOC, PSC, COM 395/495 internship in PSJ or related discipline

Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice

  • MATH 108 Environmental Issue: Math Modeling APPR
  • REL 126 Poverty and Justice
  • WGS 127 Riding the Waves of Feminism
  • PSJ 210 Diversity and Social Justice
  • SOC 223 Social Stratification and Inequality
  • PSJ/AFR/SENS/APS/WGS 225 Environmental Justice
  • ECO 341 Economic Development: Theory and Application
  • SOC 341, Sociology of Development and Social Change
  • PSJ, SOC, PSC, COM 395/495 internship in PSJ or related discipline

Religious, Philosophical and Cultural Influences on Peace

  • AFR/SOC 132 Introduction to Race
  • APS/SOC 330 Community Problems: Case of Appalachia
  • PSJ/REL 218 Voices of Nonviolence
  • GST 235, Introduction to Behavioral Sciences
  • PHI/PSC 207 Human Rights, International Law
  • EDS 349  Education and Culture
  • PSJ, SOC, PSC, COM 395/495 internship in PSJ or related discipline

Additional Considerations for the Minor

Another appropriate course may be substituted for one of the electives by successful petition to the Peace and Social Justice Studies Program Coordinator.  In addition, the Program Coordinator welcomes faculty proposals for courses that meet the criteria in the catalog description and three categories of the program.

For more information about a minor in Peace and Social Justice Studies, see the catalog entry below:

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