Many Political Science students choose to complete an internship.  Although internships are not required for the major, students who complete them usually find the experience educational.  It can lead to new types of learning and ideas about future careers.  Internships do count towards the Political Science major if the student arranges this in advance with the Berea College Office of Internship and Career Development and one of the Political Science Professors.

Information on some possible internships is available at the Internship Office.  Most of our majors who intern find their internship site on their own.  Some examples are listed below, but they often include law offices, governmental offices, and interest groups.  Please contact any member of the Department for more information.

  • Jay Callahan, 2017 Summer Internship, Class of 2018

Mr. Callahan worked over the summer with the Berea Summer Food Service Program, a free meals program by Berea College and the USDA to help alleviate food insecurity for young people during the summer months. The role Mr. Callahan played specifically was in being the Media/Publicist intern; documenting and promoting the program, staff, and events. Some of his duties included taking photographs, constructing films, and publicizing the Berea Summer Food Service Program. He also filled in for staff service meals at sites around Berea and leading STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities with young people at the food sites.

  • Clara A. Ruplinger, 2017 Summer Internship, Class of 2018

Ms. Ruplinger did her internship in Louisville, Kentucky. She worked with Louisville Showing up for Racial Justice. Her daily duties consisted of working with Louisville’s social justice groups. She also work directly with Black Lives Matter, Mijente, REACT (Rubbertown Emergency Action), Democratic Socialists of America, and other groups. Her role consisted of helping to plan activist training and run projects, as well as lobbying her representatives and other research projects during her time there.

  • Julie Jent, 2017 Summer Internship, Class of 2018

Ms. Jent worked at the State Department in Washington DC in the Bureau of International Organizations in the Office of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. She had three weeks of training which included diplomatic history courses, meetings with ambassadors, and writing workshops. Some of her post-training duties included being responsible with assisting long-term projects that related to the United States’ role on the Human Rights Council and the United Nations. She also attended foreign policy classrooms and weekly office meetings where she reported n the progress of her work, researched topics for her colleagues for upcoming reports, and organized large sums of information into results they could learn from.

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