Faculty Projects

Dr. Berheide’s Research

  • Politics and Idiotics. Book manuscript in preparation.
  • Deus Ludens: A Theodicy of God at Play. Book manuscript in preparation.
  • “A New Theodicy: The Problem of Evil in Enlightenment Thought.” Working paper.
  • “Evil Memes: Gresham’s Law and the Collision Theory of Truth.” Working paper.
  • “Proofs of Popper’s ‘Theory of Frequency of Finite Classes.” Working paper.
  • “You Stupid Galatians! Symbosclerosis and Paul’s Understanding of the Nature of Law.” Working paper.
  • “The Natural Limit of Presidential Terms.” Working paper.
  • “Plato’s Conception of Love and the Individual.” Still a dream.

Dr. Rifai’s Research

In addition to professional papers submitted at various political science conferences, beginning in the summer of 1988 Dr. Rifai, with the help of student assistants, started to compile a lexicon of terms associated with various areas of  international politics.
In the summer of 1996 Dr. Rifai, again with the help of student assistants, revised the Lexicon. Updating the collection and expanding its contents the revised edition sought to include the many changes within International Relations that occurred since 1988.

The Lexicon of International Politics contains terms associated with international relations, including biographical information, explanations of political theories, events, and descriptions of international actors, organizations, and alliances. Listed as appendices the Lexicon includes the text of selected Cold War documents, chronology of the UN Secretary-Generals, American Presidents and their Secretaries of Defense, and relevant maps. It is an ideal reference guide for students of political science.

Lexicon Of International Politics

Dr. Heyrman’s Research

Dr. Heyrman’s paper, “The Electoral College: A Critical Analysis,” was published in The Commonwealth Review of Political Science in 2015, and he has also done several presentations based on this Electoral College research. His book, Politics, Hollywood Style: From Mr. Smith to Selma, was published in December, 2018. The book looks historically and thematically at several dozen prominent American films and the images of politics that they present. You can find the book here:https://rowman.com/isbn/9781498551939. 

Dr. Heyrman’s paper, “Fictional Foreign Policy: How Madame Secretary and House of Cards Depict United States Foreign Policy,” was presented at the March 2018 meeting of the Kentucky Political Science Association.