Dr. Abdul Rifai, Emeritus

Professor of Political Science Emeritus
At Berea College since 1966


  • B.A., American University of Beirut, , 1958
  • M.A., Indiana University, 1960
  • Ph.D., American University, 1966
Dr. Abdul Rifai


Dr. Rifai received his B.A. in Public Administration from the American University of Beirut, his masters in Government from Indiana University and his PhD at the American University in Washington, D.C., in International Relations and Organizations.

Dr Rifai was first impressed by Berea College’s commitment to learning and its vision to provide quality education to the Appalachian region. Impressed by the extensive international experiences of the faculty and administration and their dedication to a better understanding of the global community. The bridge between Appalachia and the world is realized by Berea’s outreach program to attract deserving international students and serve humanity at large.

This global awareness is emphasized in Dr. Rifai’s political science classes which focus on various areas of international relations.