Begley-Van Cleve Lectureship

The Political Science Department is honored to be the custodian of the Begley-Van Cleve Lectureship, established in 1978 by Professor Roy R. Ray of Southern Methodist University in honor of his sisters, Edna Ray Begley and Faye Ray Van Cleve. The terms of the lectureship call for a “scholar of American politics,” broadly defined, to present a lecture to a campus-wide audience and, when possible, visit with students in smaller group settings such as classes.

The lectureship provides travel and hospitality as well as an honorarium. Nominations are welcomed from all areas of the campus, with the final selection being made by the Political Science Department.


Year Speaker Title Topic
2017 (November 9 Convocation) Beth Simmons Former Director of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University and Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs at the Department of Government. “The Future of Human Rights”
2016 (October 27 Convocation) John Hibbing A Political Science Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln “Can Liberals and Conservatives Coexist?”
2015 (November 5 Convocation) Theda Skocpol Professor of Government and Sociology at Harvard “Obama’s Presidency, Tea Party Republicans, and the Future of American Politics”
2014 (October 2 Convocation) Russell Hanson Professor and Chair of Political Science Department, University of Indiana “Being Good Without God: The Case for Secular Humanism.”
2013 (October 10 Convocation) Nicholas Burns Professor of International Relations& The Practice of Diplomacy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government “America’s Global Challenges”
2013 (January 31 Convocation) Theodore Lowi John L. Senior Professor of American Institutions at Cornell University “The Politics of Change”
2010 (November 4 Convocation) Darrell West Vice President and Director of Governance Studies, the Brookings Institute “Elections 2010: Understanding the Results and Future Implications”
2009 (October 1 Convocation) Larry Sabato Director, University of Virginia Center For Politics “Politics Is a Good Thing”
2008 (March 27 Convocation) Stephen Walt Professor of International Relations and Dean of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University “What Went Wrong with U.S. Foreign Policy”
2005 (“Engaging Our World” Conference) David Beckmann President, Bread for the World Institute Keynote Speech: “Engaging Our World”
2005 (March 17 Convocation) Sumit Ganguly Professor of Political Science, Indiana University (1977 Berea College Graduate).  Expertise in Ethnic Conflict, Southeast Asia-U.S. Relations “U.S.-India Relations: From Estrangement to Engagement”v
2001 (Convocation)  Ed Meese  75th Attorney General of the United States, Heritage Foundation Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institute Distinguished Fellow “Capital Punishment in the United States”
1998 (November 18 Convocation) John Lewis Gaddis Professor of History and Director of the Contemporary History Institute, Ohio University; CIA Historical Advisory Committee “How the Cold War Ended”
1989 (Convocation) Jerry Hough Professor of International Relations, Duke University; Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute “Russia And The West: Gorbachev and the Politics of Reform”
1987 (Convocation) Ann Stuart Anderson Fellow, American Enterprise Institute “The House That Mr. Madison Built: An Adventure In Constitution-Making”
1985 (Symposium) Edward Warner Senior Defense Analyst, RAND Corporation; Professor of Political Science, George Washington University Soviet Foreign Policy
1985 (Symposium) Richard Pipes Professor of History, Harvard University Soviet Politics and History
1984 (Convocation) William Julius Wilson Professor of Urban Sociology, University of Chicago “Race-Specific Policy and the Truly Disadvantaged”
1980 (Convocation) Everett Carll Ladd Professor of Political Science and Director of Roper Center, University of Connecticut “The 1980 Election”
1979 (Convocation) Richard Fenno Professor of Political Science, University of Rochester “Campaigning for the U.S. Senate”
1978 James David Barber Professor and Chair of Political Science, Duke University