How to Scan

Control panel on copy/scan machine

How to Scan on Toshiba Copiers

1. Insert a USB Flash Drive. A message will appear in the lower left of the touch screen—“USB device found.”

2. Place a document on the glass or in the document feeder

3. On the touch screen:

  1. Touch FILE/USB
  2. Select USB Media
  3. Touch OK

4. Touch Common Settings

  1. Select black or full color
  2. Select a specific resolution or use the 200 default resolution
  3. Choose color mode (color, grayscale, auto color. All our copiers are capable of scanning in full color. This is true even if the copiers only print black-and-white)
  4. Choose original mode:
    1. text: all-text documents,
    2. photo: for photographs,
    3. text/photo: for an original that combines both,
    4. printed image: for something you’re scanning from a magazine, newspaper or other pre-printed source where there is a “dot” pattern on the photos.
  5. Select single or book (2-sided printing)

5. Touch OK
6. Touch Scan
7. When the document(s) have been scanned, touch Job Finish. Wait until you see the message, “USB device can be removed,” then remove the Flash Drive. If you remove the drive before the message appears, the scan(s) will not be saved to your drive.