Strategic Planning Council

The Strategic Planning Council conducts continuous planning for institutional change based on the mission of the College, interpreted in light of opportunities and constraints created by changing internal and external circumstances.

For more information about the Strategic Planning Council, please contact Judy Mott.

Strategic Planning Council Members

Adanma Barton

*(20) At-large; Co-Chair; College Faculty Member; EC Representative

Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens

*(19) At-large; Past Co-Chair; College Faculty Member

Meta Mendel-Reyes

*(21) At-large; Co-Chair-Elect; College Faculty Member

Dee Hill-Zuganelli

*(20) At-large; College Faculty Member

Jamie Boggs

*(20) At-large; Non-College Faculty Member

Jill Gurtatowski

*(19) At-large; Non-College Faculty Member

Kristin Dalessio

*(19) At-large; Non-College Faculty Member

Judith Weckman

*(21) At-large; Non-College Faculty Member

Jessica Pena

*(21) Appointed by Executive Council

Alicestyne Turley

*(19) Appointed by Executive Council

Chad Berry

(ex officio) Academic Vice President and Dean of the Faculty

Lyle Roelofs

(ex officio) President; Co-Chair

Virgil Burnside

(ex officio) Vice President for Labor and Student Life

* The numbers in parentheses indicate the year that the Strategic Planning Council member will end his/her service to the body.