Top 10 Reasons to Run/Walk Regularly

(even if you have to get out of bed
at 6:30 a.m. to do it)

  1. It is great to get outdoors on a regular basis and experience nature and the weather.
  2. Our forebears at Berea were incredibly fit and determined people.  We will have to run/walk long distances to match their achievements.
  3. Almost anyone can get fit – it just takes time and dedication.  Gradually increasing your distance and speed can produce amazing results, if you are patient and careful about it.
  4. Research has shown that running improves academic performance – even in calculus!
  5. Running also improves your persistence and determination.
  6. Although it is not particularly fair, our culture provides greater opportunity to fit individuals. Yet another reason it is worth investing the effort.
  7. The four-year college experience is an opportunity to transform yourself. The academic opportunities at Berea are fabulous and we will ensure you work hard to achieve your best in that area.  Your personal fitness and wellness is also vital to the rest of your life. Here, we only offer opportunity and encouragement – it is up to you to commit to the necessary work.
  8. Paying attention to wellness and achieving fitness will have tremendous benefits to your health and quality of life.
  9. We will invite other experts to run/walk with us to add interest to our runs.
  10. President Roelofs will share an inspirational insight at the start of every run (or invite someone else to do so).