Founders’ Day

The President’s Office sponsored the annual Founders’ Day Convocation from 2001 to 2011. This event celebrated Berea’s interracial history by honoring African American and other alumni and leaders who overcame many obstacles to establish Berea College and to live out Berea’s mission through his/her life in community service roles such as teachers, ministers, activists, and scholars, and whose distinguished service to his/her community reflects the ideals of John G. Fee and his vision of an education for all. At the annual convocation, President Larry D. Shinn presented the John G. Fee Award in the name of the honoree to his/her grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Honorees were from the pre-1903 College community.

John G. Fee Award Recipients

  • 2000, George and Elgetha Bell
  • 2001, Julia Britton Hooks
  • 2002, “Professor” John W. Bate
  • 2003, Rev. Dr. James Bond
  • 2004, John G. Fee Moran
  • 2005, Rev. John Gregg Fee
  • 2006, Dr. Wallace A. Battle
  • 2007, J.A.R. and Elizabeth Rogers
  • 2008, John Henry Jackson, James S. Hathaway, and Green P. Russell (Kentucky State University Presidents)
  • 2009, Henry Allen Laine
  • 2010, Lincoln Institute
  • 2011, Kirke Smith

For more information about Founders’ Day, please contact Teri Thompson.