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Policy on Funding Internships and Off-Campus Experiential Learning Opportunities

Berea College supports student experiential education opportunities off-campus in the form of internships and summer work or service experiences that support the aims and outcomes of a Berea College liberal-arts education.  Such experiences promote engaged learning by helping students find connections between theory and practice, between learning in courses and learning outside the classroom, and between their academic interests and potential career possibilities.  Learning is optimized when these experiences are intentionally designed to include reflection and assessment.  Some students may use these experiences to earn academic credit and/or to meet the Active Learning Experience required for graduation.

The College makes available limited institutional funds to help support student internships and summer work or service experiences (whether for credit or not), provided that the experience meets both of the following criteria:

  1. The experience must further the student’s educational goals.  This criterion can be met by showing that the experience provides the opportunity to gain skills relevant to a possible career choice, enables exploration of an educational area of interest, or supports the student’s academic major/minor.
  2. The experience must include reflection on the experience and conclude with an appropriate summative assessment of the experience.

Students may apply for institutional funds for up to two internships or summer work or service experiences.  Funding for such experiences is subject to availability of funds.  No funding will be provided for projects that do not include the required reflection and assessment.  Students on academic, labor, or social probation are not eligible to receive funds.

Each student who plans to engage in the type of experiential education described above should consult the Internship Office for additional information and to complete the relevant forms.  Projects must receive the approval of this office in order to obtain funding from any campus department.

To apply to internships and summer work or service experiences beginning after June 1, 2010.

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