Capstone Project

Projects From Previous Years (1995 – 2019)

Below is a list of physics Capstone projects that our students have successfully completed in the past as part of the senior seminar (PHY 492) class.


Year Students Projects
2019 Corbin Flege Testing Quantum Mechanics Using Pairs of Entangled Photons
2018 Bhavesh Ramkorun Analyzing Lift, Drag and Pressure on a Conventional Airfoil
Dustin Watts Magnetism in High-Entropy Alloys
2017 Vincent Tembo Verifying the BB84 Quantum Encryption Protocol Using Polarized Light
Abdul Ali Eissar Determining Boltzmann’s Constant using Video Microscopy of the Brownian
Motion of Polystyrene Microspheres
Joseph A. Gehring III Acoustic Resonances of a Circular Membrane
Nathanael Bodine The Growth of Epitaxial Nickel Thin Films on Silicon Wafers and the Result of Thermal Annealing on Epitaxial Nickel Thin Films
Tanner Thompson Observing the Converse Piezoelectric Effect in Rochelle Salts
Mackenzie Ridley Analysis of Non-Stoichiometric YBa2Cu3O6:5+δ Superconducting Material
Kyaw Hpone Myint The Effect of Charges on the Folding Pattern of Tryptophan Zipper (Beta-Hairpin):
A Molecular Dynamic Study
Denzell Barnett Determination of the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and Lattice Parameters of Graphene Using X-Ray Diffraction
2016 Ricky Green Using Gravity to Suspend a Flowing Chain of Beads in Midair
Nicholas Hubbard The Effect of Kinematic Viscosity on the Angular Frequency of the Liquid Coil Drop Effect
Dadbeh Shaddel Constructing a Radio Telescope for Detecting the Jovian Decametric Radio Emissions
Yhenew Kassie Wireless Power Transmission via Magnetic Resonance Coupling
2015 Preston Tucker N.A.
Kyle Godbey N.A.
Brandon Schurter N.A
2014 Mackenzie Endres An Experimental Exploration into Brownian Motion: Size Dependence and the Boltzmann’s Constant
Fidel Tewolde Design of a Modified Cockcroft Walton Generator
Danielle Schaper On Phenomenological Ginzburg-Landau Theory of Charge Density Waves in Dichalcogenides
2013 Antonio Bill Hertz Theory of Elasticity of Steel Balls By Free-Fall and Applied Pressure
Tommy Boykin Granular Materials: Observing S-Systems through the use of Soda-Lime Beads
Rohan Isaac Chaotic Advection in a Blinking Vortex Flow
Tyler Vanover Construction of a Negative Ion Mode Linear Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer
2012 Chris Yaluma Application and Solutions of the Heat Equation
Hodari-Sadiki James Super Massive Black Hole Mass Determination
2011 William Norris Chladni Lines
Emily Worinkeng Energy States of A Gaussian Wavepacket in a Harmonic Oscillator
Theint Theint Basics of NMR
Ramesh Adhikari Scattering of Polarized Light in Optically Active Turbid Medium
2010 Brandon Brown A study of Discus Flight
Mohammed Humed Yusuf Formulating a theory for the GSI anomaly
Tenzin Ngodup A study of X-ray diffraction
Jimmy Rop A Third Way to Solve the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator
2009 Matthew Bailey Investigating Blue Straggler Production through Binary Stellar Evolution
David Gilmour Repair and Characterization of a Wimshurst Machine
Brad Steele Computer Modeling of the First Critical Reynold Number of Flow around a Two Dimensional Cylinder
2008 Kannatassen Appavoo Using photometric analysis to determine characteristics of the V-2491 NOVA
Shiblee Barua Chaos and Stability in the Vicinity of a Jovian Planet
2007 Patrick Mono Properties of half-metal FeCoSi
Ni Ji Modelling of stellar interior
2006 Jason Lambert Negative index of refraction
Michaela Conley Chirality in nature
2005 Peterkin Quagraine Bose-Einstein condensation
Samuel B. McClure Some properties of muons
2004 Jacquelyn Hostler The essentials of white dwarf
2003 Lydia Longstreth Synchronization of two metronomes
Fredrick White Laser holography
Elisha Feger Quantum billiards
Rob Peterson Keys and lock operation
Jack Reynolds Kepler’s legacy: The story of the Ellipse
Michael Samuel X-ray diffraction and its utilization in crystal structure identification
2002 Berhane Temelso Analytical and numerical studies of one-dimensional diffusion equation and the random walk problem
Dinesh Pillai Infrared photodissociation spectroscopy of small Ag+– (C2H2)y clusters in the gas phase
Kevin Williams Sugar coated optics: Optical activity in sucrose and fructose
Andrew Wagers Computer simulations of planetary ring and moon dynamics
2001 None
2000 Timothy Brown Measuring Boltzman’s constant from thermal noises in electrical fluctuations
1999 Juraj Topolancik Speeds of masses in gravitational loops
Ahmet Er Ohm’s law and C60
1998 Ariel Drogin Calculation of the charge of an electron utilizing the effects of shot noise
Matthew Perkins Information not available
1997 Andrew Glenn Brownian motion: Learning from a random walk
Benjamin Perry Information not available
1996 Jan Kmetko Mossbauer studies of SrRuO3+x, Sr2RhO4, BaRuO3+x, Ba2RuO4, BaRhO3+x,and Ba2RhO4
Timothy Willis A measurement of the muon lifetime
1995 James Martin Compton scattering experiment
Linda Opundo Testing Fourier inversion technique for image reconstruction
Rustin Jackson Chaos in the bouncing ball
Christopher Langley Experimental and theoretical comparison of the electric field gradient in FeCl24H2O
William Keeton Information not available