Phone Services

Dialing Information


  • To reach another campus phone, dial the four-digit extension.
  • To make an off campus local call, dial 8 + the seven-digit phone number.
  • To reach local directory assistance, dial 8 + 555-1212.
  • To make a long distance call, dial 8 + 1 + the ten-digit number including area code.  Note that the campus phone system no longer supports the use of access codes to manage the billing for long distance calls.  All long distance calls made from a given phone are charged to the department responsible for that phone.
Main campus telephone number for Berea College 985-3000
Public Safety 985-3333
IS&S Technology Resource Center Help Desk – for campus phone changes, help and repairs 985-3343
IS&S Central Administration – for mobile phone service changes 985-3802


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